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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trivial 12 The Pains of a Christian Fanatic

By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

I really wonder why one Nafata Bamaguje, an anonymous Christian fanatic, should use my article, Southern Sudan, Welcome to Freedom, as a lever to attack Islam in his usual fanatical way. He could not even realize how he fell from being impressed by my article to abusing my religion. There is a distinction between Islam and Arabs just as there is between any religion and its adherents. In that article, I have shown how the Prophet (peace be upon him) condemned racism. Otherwise, why would I have written the article in the first place?

Below is my short reply to him. But I have included his article at the tail to educate my readers on the presence of this class of fanatics who live in the pain of seeing the flourishing status of Islam in spite of their propaganda. To our nation, they are a problem, not a solution. In addition, a fanatic is a disgrace to his religion. Nafata is clearly suffering from a pain for something he cannot change - his birth in our midst as a Hausa pagan.

Reply to Nafata

Equating a religion with its adherents is a fallacy, undertaken only for subjective purposes. I wonder which religion can deserve such abuse. Can we even in our slightest imagination ascribe Apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany or Hiroshima to Christianity or Jesus? Muslims are trained not to abuse even idols, let alone the People of the Book. But about the abusive nature of Jewish and Christian extremists, the Quran has foretold Muslims and asked them to persevere because it will be ineffectual in denting the image of Islam.

True. Despite the abuses, there are many more converts to Islam from christianity than it is vice-versa, the latter being statistically insignificant for fourteen centuries now. The secret is that there is power in silence. "The lion", said Imam Shafi'i, is feared despite his silence, but the dog is stoned in spite of his barking.

There many things atheists quote about the Bible on its injunctions that desecrate the sanctity of life and dignity of the human person. One can easily copy and paste them out of context as Nafada does with the verses of the Quran. It does not require any intellectual effort. But would that impress God and cultivate better understanding? No. A Christian extremist has a lot of work to do on those sites o, not here. If those sites are far, Bamaguje can please address his Christian extremism with Dr. Valentine Ojo, who is his perfect match in the shame of abuse. I assure Bamaguje that he will have a lot of task defending his fanaticism before Dr. Ojo.

The problem of "Nafata Bamaguje" with Islam and Muslims is clear. He is born amongst the people he hates, unfortunately. He cannot claim another place. So disturbed is he that he cannot even answer his name in public. He can only hide behind an anonymous name, Nafata Bamaguje. I wonder how someone would decide to choose so much pain for himself. Worse still, he attempts to share that pain with others who consider him too immaterial to pay him any attention. And his pain increases any time they ignore his barking.

I advise people to continue to adopt such strategy against any provocation from these fanatics. Ignore them. That will increase their fury. "Say, 'Die in your fury. God is aware of the contents of (your) hearts."

What a pity.


On Jan 12, 2011, at 9:41 PM, Nafata Bamaguje wrote:


Dear Dr. Tilde,

I was impressed by your recent article - South Sudan: Welcome to Freedom. It was totally out 1of character for Black Muslims who by virtue of their mental enslavement to the Arab pseudo-religion – Islam - are generally subservient and defer to the Allah’s chosen race.

That’s why Muslims here in Arewa organize demonstrations and write a lot of hogwash in Northern newspapers about the self-inflicted plight of Palestinians, but virtually no whimper ibleabout the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Black African Darfuris from their land by the racist Arab occupation in Sudan. Never mind the slave raids and other atrocities inflicted on non-Muslim south Sudanese.

Since Black Muslims have constituted themselves into fifth columnists for their Arab masters, we Africans lack the unity of purpose and resolve to combat the racist Arab supremacists enslaving our Black brothers & sisters in Mauritania and Sudan, as we did against Apartheid. Not surprisingly, the AU is against the ICJ indictment of Sudan’s genocidal Omar el-Bashir.

Many of the racist Islamo-Nazis in Sudan are actually Arab wannabes rather than real Arabs whom we all know are semitic Caucasians. But due to some perverse reversal of the “one-drop rule” that defines Black Americans, many Muslim Black Africans in Sudan automatically consider themselves superior to other Africans if even one of their distant ancestors was Arab.
Other so called Black Arabs are descendants of Black African slave women raped by Arabs in compliance with your vile Quran (23:1-6, 70:29-30).

That is why I find your condemnation of Sudanese Arabs cum Arab wannabes titillating. Because whether you acknowledge it or not, much of the atrocities Muslim Arabs have visited on we Black Africans have their roots in Islam which endorses or at least condones slavery.

Saudi Arabia the home and bastion of Islam only abolished slavery in 1962 under Western pressure. Up till this day, the Arab/Berber occupation in Mauritania still enslaves Black people. If Islam were truly against slavery, that inhuman practice wouldn’t have persisted for over 14 centuries in Dar-ul Islam (Muslim world), and long after it has disappeared elsewhere.

Check out northern neighbor - Niger republic – another haven of Islamic slavery. You remember the famous case of Hadijatou Mani, the Niger slave girl who was sexually enslaved at the age of 12 for over a decade and later took her Muslim nation to ECOWAS court for failing to protect her. She was just one of ten thousands of slaves in that Muslim West African country.

Even in the oil rich Gulf Arab states, every once in a while we hear reports of Arabs sexually assaulting their Phillipino or Bangladeshi maids and refusing to pay them. After all the Quran authorizes Muslim men to sleep with their maids (Q 23:1-6, 70:29-30) as your “prophet” reportedly did with Maryam – a maid of one his wives.

Prophet Mohammed himself had slaves, and the racist prophet valued his Black slave less, as a Hadith informs us he bartered two of his Black slaves for a white one (Sahih Muslim 10:3901).
Accordingly, Arabs trafficking in Africans operated the world’s largest slave market in Zanzibar, until the British shut down that inhuman bazaar under the threat of naval bombardment in the late 19th century.

Personally, I’m not too impressed by the story of Bilal, which Black Muslims froth about. First of all Bilal was exchanged for another Black slave when Abubakar (Mohammed’s associate) supposedly purchased Bilal’s freedom. So it wasn’t really that Mohammed cared a hoot about Black slaves, it was just that Mo’ was desperate for followers during his early prophetic career, and even a disgruntled Black slave seeking a short cut to “freedom” would do.

I put the word “freedom” in quote because Bilal was never really free. According to another Hadith your “prophet” Mohammed stated that "The freed slave belongs to the people who have freed him" – Sahih Bukhari 8:80:753

In other words despite his purported “freedom”, Bilal was still the property of Mohammed and Abubakar. That’s why in those days when there were no loudspeakers, Mo’ gave Bilal the ardous task of shouting at the top of his voice 5 times a day calling Muslims to prayer - fitting job for a slave. I have little doubt that that our misguided brother, Bilal must have come down with some form of chronic laryngeal disorder later in life.

In your article, you wondered why there isn’t a large thriving Black population in Arabia as in the Americas, despite over 14 centuries of Arabs enslaving Africans compared to just three centuries of Trans-Atlantic slave trade.
During Arab slave raids our men were killed. Our captured sisters (girls & women) became sex slaves in accordance with your Quran (23:1-6, 70:29-30).

Boys were castrated so that there were virtually no fertile adult Black male slaves to breed with Black women. In fact many of our enslaved Black brothers men had no pennis at all, as the crude castration surgery sometimes involved penile amputation.
This racist prohibition of Negroid procreation by your Arab masters is why there are no large Black populations in Arabia.

As for your assertion that other light skin races look down on us, we Black Africans are partly to blame. See how we’ve messed up our blessed country – Nigeria – which by now, with our abundant endowments ought to be the most technology advanced Black nation rubbing shoulders with Western world?
Look at Haiti, the first independent Black nation, older than several European nations yet is another disgrace to the Black world. As long as we continue to underachieve, no one will respect us.

99% of Black people identify themselves as Christians or Muslims. We subscribe to bogus alien dogmas that demonize our ancestral heritage as “heathen”, “pagan”, “Kaffir”; while teaching us to glorify alien races – Arabs and Jews. If we have no pride in whom we are - Black Africans – and despise our own heritage, we will never command respect.

We mostly bear foreign names (Arab, European, Jewish), we prefer foreign languages as lingua franca, we apply chemicals to our hair or cover it with wigs as we ashamed of our unique Negro curls. Those of us with narrow pointed nose and fairer complexion are more beautiful. In other words the more Caucasian we look the better.
We worship alien gods (Allah, Yahweh) that have pitted us against each other. Hence we discriminate, persecute, kill and now even bomb each other under the toxic influence of these intolerant alien creeds.

Given this pervasive inferiority complex that is inimical to realizing our full potential as a people, we try to reassure ourselves with vacuous platitudes like “Black is beautiful”, “I’m black and proud”. But actions they say, speak louder than words.

If we truly believe “Black is beautiful” and are genuinely “Black and proud”, we wouldn’t be trying so hard to be White (Arab, Jew, European). We wouldn’t deliberately destroy our indigenous African heritage at the behest of bogus intolerant alien dogmas.
The Black world is culturally disoriented and spiritually lost. Until we proudly embrace our Black African heritage and identity, we will remain the underachieving dregs of humanity, despite our abundant individual talent.

My dear Tilde, if you do respond to this write-up - particularly to my accusations against your false religion - please refrain from your usual silly “Christians did it too” line, just to score cheap political points, but which does absolutely nothing to address the global Islamist nuisance today.

Christian Arabs aren’t enslaving Africans in Mauritania and Sudan. Nor are Christians sexually assaulting little girls on the grounds of religious sanctioned “marriage”, and hijacking passenger airliners “in the name of Jesus” then flying them into skyscrapers.
I expect a more intelligent response from a PhD holder. Unless of course Islam can’t be defended on its own merit…as it has none!!

Nafata Bamaguje


Anonymous said...

As Dr. Tilde said, Muslims are trained not to abuse even idols, let alone the people of the book. I believe Nafata Bamaguje has been looking for a way to attack Islam & Muslims but to no avail. The nature of his attack will tell even Christians not only Muslims that Nafata is a "COMPLETE FOOL" who has to disguise himself before his attack. How I wish this FOOL can identify himself like the other Christian/Jew fanatics did, this would have been a different story. Nafata will continue to suffer the pains of Islamic Progression. Thank you Dr. Tilde for attaching his words and your short reply to the FOOL.

maryam said...

The pain, the anger, the ignorance and the arrogance of Nafata are so evident in his piece that they stand out, blocking out any sense he may have wanted to convey to his readers. I feel only pity for him.

Hamza A M said...

When a frustrated dog additionally wither, its real worth is portrayed. Pitiful enough, such a dog becomes helplessly envious especially when engrossed in arrogant and stupid illusions of value-laden dogma. Nafata is certainly a clunk. However, I pray to Allah to shower lights on him, to show him the right path and free him from the his endless path of anguish. Kai!!!.

Abbas said...

Dr Tilde Why Why and Why for God sake are you wasting your time replying this beast ignorant FOOL. Please I urge you to use your time in much more important things. There is a disease in his heart and He will certainly die with it.I can't even understand the rational behind his whole comment. Dr Tilde was discussing something not even related to religion you GOAT you are discussing something different that has no relevant what so ever with the topic of discussion. please go back to school to learn more.

Murilacs said...

Allah's religion shall triumph over any other religion whether unbeliever likes it or not.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Tilde your reply to Bamaguje is excellent, but untill he can read clearly and fathom the meaning of your words, that is when he surely will know how primitive the approach he used was.With people like Bamaguje in circulation, places like Jos can never be safe for anybody. I am sorry for Bamaguje and wish him speedy recovery from his sleep.All muslims are taught to believe and respect all prophets/messengers and their books (Jesus inclusive).
B U Getso

Yakubu Gusau said...

I strongly feel pity for people like 'nafata" suffering from the mental trauma emanating from their loss of identity and direction. Like Tilde rightly said we are refrained from insulting any religion as a result of the moral uprightness embedded in the teachings of our great religion ISLAM. We are indeed models of exemplary conducts like tolerance and courage. Cowards hiding under false identities are the least of our problems. We are MUSLIMS, bearing Islamic names and identities; let 'nafata' proudly disclose his identity (if at all he has any) to prove to the world that he has the courage and belief in his bigotry. If nafata truly has an identity; I mean a true family background ie a person born out of a legitimate marital affair not one of those street urchins borne out of accidental discharge resulting in UNWANTED conceptions, now suffering the frustrations of what actually was not his fault he should come out in his true identity and stop hiding under any false name. Until then his cowardly act does not deserve to be glorified by any response from people with dual civilisations (Islamic and Western) afterall he confirms that he is a 'bamaguje' with neither civilisation.

Anonymous said...

i think we should pray for the likes of Nafata that God will reform him and show him the right path, for he must understand that the dogma of the religion of ISLAM is totally misapplied by some of it's followers just like in the other religions. I don't believe he is a believer especially in the Christian doctrine;for it says 'judge not that ye may not be judged' and removing the log in your eye before removing the speck in your neighbour's eye'.For how can he be so judgmental about Islam ? May ALLAH show him the right path, ameen

Anonymous said...

This deserved condemnation by all right thinking persons. His was a provocation probably sponsored to incite mischief. He doest have respect to any religion. His will become sliverless and his pen will dry without achieving the desired objective of this contract. It is pertinent to remind him that Islam is the origin of socio-economic development and scientific achievements of this world (Refer to the history of Islam and the European dark ages). He will continue to see Islam and Muslims following the path of progress and wider acceptance inshaAllah. His is a disease of heart which will soon get him down. We advice him to repent and board the ark of Noah the only way to salvation.

Anonymous said...


Ja'afar said...

How I wish I can meet people like Bamaguje who actually have real names so that you can lynch them with what they presume they believe in. You can simply deal with those type of people by asking them to quote just 3 verses of the book they believe in. That is when you will understand how dumb they are.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't the peice of dung selected a befitting name for himself 'Bamaguje'? That name connotes blasphemy in it's pure form. Indeed may he die in his fury! Like prohet's Musa prayer for Pharoah, such people deserves no prayer for mercy!

Faruk said...

Islam and Muslims are far away from being drag to violence. The writer does not even understood the science of writing and has demonstrated a zero score intellectual discourse and love to peace. I hope its not another contract to polarized the existing peace by his provocation. Surely, we are more wiser to be deceived. You can not hide to be a hero, instead you come to the stage for intellectual discourse so that you can be upgraded from the dark spots doctrine in your hearth. Come forward for intellectual discourse I believe Aliyu will engage you in a peaceful and convincing way. It is my hope that after the discourse you can be able to widen your scope of understanding and finally embrace Islam. Do not hide if the course you are following is genuine. I will refer you also to Micheal Hart's book entitle'' 100 most influential persons in history'' for you to see how an American Jew ranked Muhammad (May the glory, peace and Salutation be upon him, His progenies and rightly guided companions). Muslim have respect to all prophets(PBUT) and we have many references that will quiche your thirst only if your mind is not blocked by enmity and stereotyping. Feel safe to come forward for a peaceful and intellectual discourse I am sure Dr Tilde will guide you.

danguguwa said...

Thank you Dr. for the response; really and truly I don't think he deserve any response apart from a prayer for guidance. He has indeed chosen a beffitting name Bamaguje. We all know who the Maguzawas are -simply put, they are pagans hence in the lowest ebb of disbelievers. Fii qulubihim marad.

Kasim Gumel said...

It's really a pity that Bamaguje has not understood even his acclaimed "religion" and is so arrogant and transgressive towards Islam without any substantive reason whatsoever. He even went further to give an incompatible similitude by wrongly referring to the Qur aan out of context. May the Almighty guide Bamaguje if he can be guided. I challenge him to go and critically study the meaning of the Qur aan and ponder over it with unbiased mind otherwise he may be allowing his selfish mind to lead him further astray. The reference he has given for Suras Al Mu'minuun (The Believers), verse 1 to 7 is entirely out of context and very wrong. I am sure he was trying to refer to verse 7 without sound knowledge and understanding of the meaning of verse and the context upon which it was revealed. The meaning of the verse reads and I qoute "Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands posses for (in their case) they are free from blame". Bamuguje should know that captives were acquired through battles and all the battles fought by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) were in defence rother than attacking the enemies of Islam. In Islam, women are very important and killing them as well as children in battles is strongly prohibited therefore they are taken as captives in order to save their lives and protect their rights. The belivers are recommended to marry them. To understand the meaning of this verse and those before it, I refer Bamaguje to verse 25 of Surah Al Nisa' (The Women) that is Qur aan Chatpter 4 verse 25 where Allah says (interpretation of the meaning) and I quote "If any of you (the believing men) have not the means wherewith to wed free believing women, they may wed believing girls from among those whom your right hands possess: And Allah hath full knowledge about your faith. You are one from another. Wed them with leave (permission) of their owners and give them their dowers according to what is reasonable: they should be chaste not lustful, nor taking paramours (a paramour is someone one is having sexual relationship with particularly out of wedlock): when they are taken in wedlock if they fall into shame, their punishment is half that for free (non slave) women. This (permission) is for those among you who fear sin; but it's better for you that ye practice self-restrain. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful". had Bamaguje read and understood this verse from Suratun Nisa' and honestly use his head and mind to ponder over it critically, he wouldn't have referred to the verse(s) in Suratul Mu'minuun wrongly and out of context. I really challenge Bamaguje to read the Qur aan and ponder over it. Qur aan is Allah's (God's) word and Bamaguje apparently claims to be a christian. A life time challenge about the the Qur aan that stands the test of time is as Allah says (interpretation of the meaning) in Surah Al Isra' verse 88 (i.e. Qr aan 17:88) " Say (O Muhammad): 'If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur aan they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support". Allah knows best.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more to add than what my brothers have said. But I want to also remind our brothers that the Prophet (SAW) prayed for the man that was always throwing rubbish into his house, when he realised that the man was sick. This made the man to accept Islam. may we all pray that "Bamagude" be guided by Allah (SWT).

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the animal called Bamaguje is suffering from poor upbring and lack of moral competency. He truly needs our prayer despite his urgly mindset to which all he sees is pure ignnrance and disrect to those that are different from him. Mr. Tilde keep up with good work and indeed intellectually stimulating perspective.

Hina said...

his name has said it all...Bamagujen kare, die in your pains

Hina said...

We all know why people like Bamagujen kare are hurt and why they HATE Islam, Muslims and offcourse Hausas.
Bamagujen kare was specifically and suprisingly mad at Dr. Tilde's article despite its objectivity and fairness simply because he has never known peace in his mind, he is a slave, offcourse his name tells us.
Bamaguje, take it easy please, you cannot stop or tanish the image of Islam, its far beyound your capability, MANYAN ARNA MA SUN YI SUN BARI.
We are not suppose to reply you even, what do we gain from a dialogue with Bamaguje? Get a name first

Adeiza said...

Bamaguje, Bamaguje, Bamaguje, but why? Is Bamaguje Nafata your true identity? Please respond. You need counselling.

spaco said...

No need to Expostulate over lost souls.

Anonymous said...

What else do expect from an ABSOLUTE Bamaguje?

Ibrahim Jibiya said...

Thank you dr for making a succint retort to bamagujes' contemptuous view about Islam and Muslims. May Allah sharpen your pen, strengthen your courage and bless your efforts of uplifting the truth. Quite a frustrated, depressed and despaired Bamaguje! Gnash your teeth and cry in pain and agony, for Islam is spreading like wild fire not only in Maguzawas' land where this ignoramus hails but through out the world especially 'The West'. Refer to BBC report on the rate at which British citezens embrace Islam (40,000 people all citezens of UK embraced Islam in the year 2001 and The figure tramendeously increased to 100,000 in 2010). So die with your fury Bamaguje! During my service year, 1999, i was overwhelmed with joy and contentment ofcourse why not? it was my most profitable year pertaining to preaching and spreading Allah's religion, the ultimate religion despite our weaknesses and shortcomings in championing its course to the best of our abilty. During that year, many Christians mainly Igbos, for I served in Annambra state, converted to Islam including medical dr, university student and professor and many business tycoons. In fact, we were able to establish and inaugurate MSS in Nmadi Azikwe University Awka .Bamaguje how many educated muslims have you ever converted to Christianity despite your style of desecrading Qur'an by misquoting the verses and citing them off context? the religion miraculously is the fastest spreading and growing religion outside its homeland in spite of Bamaguje and allies's efforts to thwarting Islam. Praise be to Allah the Supreme supporter of Islam.Ibrahim Jibiya

bagie said...

Dr pls keep on the good work for BAMAGUJE is a lost ship who's master has no interest in him.

ELBINAWI said...

Nafata is not only a religious bigot but a liar.He called the Palestinian plight 'self-inflicted'.These people hated Islam and Muslims and unfortunately for them their is nothing they can do.They are in Northern Nigeria and the South will never accept them.They will only make use of them and dump them like what Obasanjo did.

Hajo said...

Its a pity some people are born to be educated illerates. I beg you Dr stop wasting your time in answering Bamaguje as his name implies he sounds like one. May Allah SWT help him to see the light.

bakar said...

Whoever he calls himself is simply a product of orientalists. They study Islam not objectively but to distort the religion. They aim to disallow genuine minds to embrace Islam. Look at how he quotes out of context.
Islam is one thing and Arabs or Muslims is another.
Let this fool read Islam in its texts.

What a pity.

saleh yamusa said...

Shegen arne, nafata bamaguje babban kafiri. Allah Ya wanke zuciyarka ka zama musulmi. Tilde,pls give us his email address if you have, so that we will preach to him, in yana da rabo ya gane ya karbi kalma, then Allah will forgive him.

Anonymous said...

I most add to what many has said that this is usually the thinking of many christian/jewish fanatics.
My advice is we do not hate them(Donot hate your enermy it clouds your vision of him) but rather keep a vigilant eye on them.
His quote are wrong and twisted to serve his porpose! meaning for those who wants to preach to him it'll be difficult for the simple reason that he's not uninformed but misinformed..Just pray for him for guidance if the Almighty so wishes...

Anonymous said...

Comments on Nafata clearly show that religious intolerance, indoctination and incivility are serious problems in the country responsible for our backwardness and incessnat ethno-religious violence - killing for and in the name of religion and god (small g, becuase the Almighty God - G in capital does not require the assistance or agency of man to deal with anyone who offends Him). If Nafata demonstrated intolerance, which he shamelessly did, all the comments were also not in tune with Tilde's original article but rather exhibited equal fanaticism and unwarranted coupling of Hausa ethnic identity and Islam. They show equal bigotry as Nafata's article. Referring to a human being as an animal is ungodly. Tilde's implied statement that all Hausas ought to be a Muslim in order to remain aunthentic is unfortunate becuae it lacked any basis in history, and is responsible for the denial of Hausa non-muslims of visibility and representation in government in Northenr States wit dominant Muslims population and hegemony. This in itself is dicrimination and ungodly. Indeed it is an insult to all Hausas who are not Muslims and thise who died before Islamic conquest of Hausa land. So if any Hausa man is not a Muslim, then he is a frustrated person? This is an illogical conclusion, and the sort that continues to ignite violence and perpetuate prejudice. Nigerians should wake up and be civil in their public discourse of religion and ethnicity. Freedom of religion implies freedom to choose and practice religchig of choice without molestation and prejudice.
I must commednt the commentators for refraining from launching direct attack on Christinaity, because Nafata's view does not represent Christian's view.

Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde said...

I resisted the temptation to moderate the views that my noble readers expressed in this article especially those I adjudged as abusive. But two things discouraged me from doing so.

One is the reckless abuse of Nafata himself not only against Muslims but also against Islam and its Prophet. Something persuaded me that he deserves the same language, though not from me.

The second is his fraudulent identity. If he had used a genuine name, I would have been obliged to protect him even for his safety. But if he cannot answer even his name, then he has stripped himself of any right to honor and protection.

Now, the issue of his group identity, being a Hausa pagan, as he likes to call himself, when in fact he is a Christian. Yes, pagan Hausas have the right to be Christians or remain pagan. I don't think anybody has quarrel with that, otherwise, they would have been given the option which Christian Spanish gave to Muslims: convert to Christianity, or leave or be killed. Muslims had the capacity to do so. But Islam has never done this anywhere throughout it's 1434 years. Christian and Jewish scholars have testified to this.

However, there is one thing that Islam does not tolerate, and no civilization has ever tolerated, that is aggression. America, which claims to be Christian, is the epitome of this principle today. The verses of the Quran are clear on this. So if our Hausa non-Muslim brothers choose to be aggressive to Islam and Muslims, it will be difficult for them to earn the love of Muslims. This applies also to our other non-Muslim brothers who have chosen to undermine their Muslim neighbors. Most of the frictions we have in the North today arise from this fact.

Nafata may not be alone but he has consistently carried his enmity too far. Comments of these readers should be seen in this context. That is why the abuses are limited to him and not extended to Christians and Christianity, which Muslims will never do.

Finally, let me say that I deliberately published him and my short response such that christians in particular would see the damage that their fanatics are doing to that great religion in this country, just as Muslim fanatics do to Islam too. Nafata has been consistent in his aggression. It is good that the Christians who know him call him to order. After all, there are things he just can't change. So let him learn to live in peace with them.

Abubakar said...

I recommend below a reference backing Tilde's 'implied statement that all Hausas ought to be a Muslim in order to remain aunthentic is unfortunate becuae it lacked any basis in history...' accoding to the last anonymous response before Tilde's from an article by the 1st PhD History of Nigerian university-Published in J-P. Chr├ętien (ed), L’invention religieuse en Afrique: histoire et religion en Afrique noire. Paris: Karthala, 1993,
pp. 267-296.
History as religion:
de-constructing the Magians ("Maguzawa")
of Nigerian Hausaland.

Yunfa Bahaushe said...

In event of the recent 'burn a Qur'an' saga in the US, the Imam of the mosque being constructed in the neighbourhood of the destroyed NY twin towers opined that the US and indeed all Governments in the West have to be 'very careful of extreemists in the two faith traditions' as they are the real threats to the welbeing as well and peaceful cooexistence of the adherents of Islam and christianity.
Bamaguje is a picturesque example of this truth.

Extreemism is inimical to any respected phenominon and is therefore a negetive attribute. It entertains subjectivity, intolerence and therefore injustice to, not only the targetted recipient but even more so, the innocent. This is why Islam enjoins Muslims to follow the middle course in the discharge religious responsiblities.

We pray to Allah SWT for Bamaguje to have the capacity to view other opinions in the light of reason and a sense objectivity. Allah is Beneficient Merciful.

Kabir said...

Hahaha!!! Nafata kenan. O Allah, show Bamaguje the right path to follow, ameen.

Bunzawi said...

Praise be to Allah the supreme, may peace and His blessings be on all His prophets. It's a pity to have the likes of Bamaguje in our mid who is ignorant of his own religion and have no respect for Allah's prophets. Your blasphemy against the holy prophet of Islam and attack to the religion of Islam and Muslims clearly portray your ignorance. May Allah punish you and make our society free of your likes as your aim is to torment trouble. May Allah continue to spread the light of Islam, provide for our people and open their hearts to see the truth. We Muslims leave you in the HANDS Of Allah the almighty. More grease to your elbow Dr Tilde as you always try to defend the course of truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

All the comments so far (except one or two), including that of Tilde, made it difficult for me to see any remarkable difference in the metrics of fanaticism between the writers and Bamaguje (yes, Bamaguje). Please, as true muslims, emulate the Prophet (SAW), pray for Bamaguje (rightly pronounced as Bamaguje? Meaning, are we not going to run away?) for him to see the light and remove the question mark from his name. Who knows? he may change his name to Bamaguje ba (we are not going to run away.

Abdulrahman M. Alfa said...

Dr Tilde, I still feel you should respond to some of the Bamaguje's comments which were clearly made either out of mischief or ignorancy. There are alot of misrepresentations in his write-up about Islam and responding to them by correcting those notion might help educate and cure him of the perceived hatred he had demonstrated.

Barr. Ja'afar Ibrahim said...

you are right Mr. PhD holder.