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Monday, October 29, 2012

Abbas Will Appear in Court Tomorrow

Abbas Will Appear in Court Tomorrow Abbas Ahmed Faggo, the civil servant detained by Yuguda and his Commissioner of Justice last week for mere reposting of a facebook account of the corruption taking place in Bauchi State under the present administration will appear before the Chief Magistrate of Court III in Bauchi tomorrow Tuesday, a lawyer who is preparing for his defense has revealed. Court III is located at a close near Muda Lawal's House, New GRA, Bauchi. I urge all citizens of the state who are in support of justice and who abhor the ongoing state of affairs to please visit the court tomorrow and peacefully express their solidarity with Abbas. It is their constitutional right. The appeal also goes to all those who have been expressing solidarity with Abbas on the Internet as well as workers, students' unions, civil right groups, etc. The NBA Bauchi Chapter President has just told me that he will be in the court with a number of his members. Justice to Abbas is justice to all of us. We must say no to tyranny in the 21st Century. We will defend justice even where Yuguda himself is the victim. Our fight for the freedom of Abbas is an assistance to Yuguda: The Prophet (SAW) was urged his companions to assist their brother whether he is the victim or the aggressor. They replied, "Oh Messenger of Allah! We understand assiting him when he is the victim. But how can we assist him when he is the aggressor? The Prophet (SAW) replied: "By preventing him from committing the aggression." Yuguda, please fear God and listen to us. Listen to the voice of justice. If you cannot fear God, then fear tomorrow when you will not be on that seat, when people will desert you, when EFCC will confirm as true what you are today using force to deny, when you will say, "How I wish I had listened", when "How I wish" will not be of any help. You see that tomorrow as afar; other Nigerians see it near. Hayya ratata! Laamu? Laamu? Laamu hoolataake, Iguda am. Aliyu

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yuguda: Free Abbas Now

Yuguda: Free Abbas Now I have read on the Internet that you have ordered the incarceration of a citizen of the state, Abbas Ahmed, for expressing his dissatisfaction over the outrageous use of public resources in the wedding of your son. Though I do not have details of the case, the truth is that he has been arrested, arraigned before a magistrate court and now in the custody of the Police. From my previous encounters with your regime when I used to bother about happenings in the state, I have no doubt that you have the inclination to do so. Abbas is not the first. Za ka aikata, Allah rene. Shehu Barau Ningi and I were once personally questioned at the Zonal police Headquarters, Bauchi, in 2010 because a group solicited my advise on a publication they started. The chaps were arrested after publishing the third issue. I also remember that for the first and the last time I met you in your office in 2008, you mentioned that you can order the EFCC to arrest me after writing an article that highlighted the corruption taking place in your administration. Well, that did not scare me a bit. Your involvement in the arrest of Abbas is therefore, according to my judgement, very likely. I will advise that you view yourself as a servant of the people, and your subjects as the masters you are accountable to. If one of them complains that you did something wrong, explain; don't arrest. Arresting him shows that you are using force to cover your guilt. This is a bad strategy in the Information Age. You can see the sea of hate postings against you that has flooded the internet space since the arrest. I wonder how you, who has benefitted from such publications during the Muazu era (remember Bauchi Lokaci Ya Yi), would become so paranoid of public criticism. Wanzami ba ya son jarfa. You should tolerate people as Muazu tolerated you and your boys. Otherwise, in two and a half years time, he will find himself in a terribly pitiable position. As a public servant, you must develop a thick skin on such matters. That is my advise. Finally, the police and the magistrate ought to know that defamation is a civil, not criminal, matter. Any arrest on it is unconstitutional. Pleading for bail is misplaced in the first place. Abbas's lawyer should go to the High Court on Monday and enforce his fundamental human rights. If he doesn't have a lawyer, one of the lawyers among us should volunteer immediately. If there is no volunteer, let a lawyer contact me (08137661860). I will defray the cost. I don't know Abbas. I have never met him. But I am always ready to assist the cause of justice. Thank you. Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde