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Friday, October 26, 2012

Yuguda: Free Abbas Now

Yuguda: Free Abbas Now I have read on the Internet that you have ordered the incarceration of a citizen of the state, Abbas Ahmed, for expressing his dissatisfaction over the outrageous use of public resources in the wedding of your son. Though I do not have details of the case, the truth is that he has been arrested, arraigned before a magistrate court and now in the custody of the Police. From my previous encounters with your regime when I used to bother about happenings in the state, I have no doubt that you have the inclination to do so. Abbas is not the first. Za ka aikata, Allah rene. Shehu Barau Ningi and I were once personally questioned at the Zonal police Headquarters, Bauchi, in 2010 because a group solicited my advise on a publication they started. The chaps were arrested after publishing the third issue. I also remember that for the first and the last time I met you in your office in 2008, you mentioned that you can order the EFCC to arrest me after writing an article that highlighted the corruption taking place in your administration. Well, that did not scare me a bit. Your involvement in the arrest of Abbas is therefore, according to my judgement, very likely. I will advise that you view yourself as a servant of the people, and your subjects as the masters you are accountable to. If one of them complains that you did something wrong, explain; don't arrest. Arresting him shows that you are using force to cover your guilt. This is a bad strategy in the Information Age. You can see the sea of hate postings against you that has flooded the internet space since the arrest. I wonder how you, who has benefitted from such publications during the Muazu era (remember Bauchi Lokaci Ya Yi), would become so paranoid of public criticism. Wanzami ba ya son jarfa. You should tolerate people as Muazu tolerated you and your boys. Otherwise, in two and a half years time, he will find himself in a terribly pitiable position. As a public servant, you must develop a thick skin on such matters. That is my advise. Finally, the police and the magistrate ought to know that defamation is a civil, not criminal, matter. Any arrest on it is unconstitutional. Pleading for bail is misplaced in the first place. Abbas's lawyer should go to the High Court on Monday and enforce his fundamental human rights. If he doesn't have a lawyer, one of the lawyers among us should volunteer immediately. If there is no volunteer, let a lawyer contact me (08137661860). I will defray the cost. I don't know Abbas. I have never met him. But I am always ready to assist the cause of justice. Thank you. Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde


Hammadu Kakara said...

Their Imperial Majesties the Maximum Rulers of The Northern States of Nigeria>>>> (in other words Maximum Governors) and their Palace Guards>>> (also known as the Nijgeria police)!

Idris Umar said...

Ever since I always admire you and your truthfulness, one day he will answer God where there's No police or magistrate to bribe. Always tell them the truth, they either take or drop it period.

Salisu Dango said...

Free Abbas Faggo !! Free Abbas Faggo!!!

Abbas Faggo has been a prominent person and a close associate in trying to rescue the governing structure of especially our home state of Bauchi and more to that, Of Shira Local Government.

A friend of mine and a close partner, I and Maidoki (his name, not real) working together in enlighting our dear people in bringing changes in all aspects of life-be it socially, politically, religiously and more especially in the field of education.

I could not blieve it, but i force my heart to accept his detention by to me, an unkwon security personels (sss ? or police?). These men according to reliable sources reaching me, are been torturing and interrogating my friend Abbas Faggo for just a write up he posted at YARIMAN FAGGO FOR REP 2015 INCIATIVE  of FACEBOOK in which he is the administrator of the group.

Anonymous source confirme to me that, it was due to the post he did long time ago on how desecrately the govermnent of Bauchi Sate spend billons of naira on wedding fatiha of the son to the governor, lihting the inside story of how the money was spend and its unnecessariness.

Another source (not confirm) reaching me said "it was one of the men he (Abbas) very well respect that maneuver all these hardness to him, may be due to political reasons". Some again said, its the security agencies that wish to confirm the sources he got the imformation he posted and so they decide to interrogate him. But to me, all these reasons are null and void, they can never be accepted an should be treated as such.

The interrogation of Abbas Maidoki is purely cruelty and violation of natural laws. Its also the violation of the rule guiding our nation-the 1999 constitution that allows the freedom of speach and mind expressions as long as some one lives in Nigeria. Its also a break through the Freedon of Information Bill ressently passed by the national assembly.

For the reasons above, to us Abbas Faggo has done notting and he most be freed and must be allowed as a Nigerian to express his opinions be it in facebook, twetter, google +, yahoo, badoo, instagram or any social site he may likely visit.

On behalf of me, my facebook groups and blogs, friends, family, other commarates, I could like to inform you all concern on this matter that, we are behind our belove friend and we can do anything to ensure justice on Abbas Faggo and mind you to any body that you are trying to harm.


Long live:

jibril Babayo said...

Thank you Dr for that piece

Anonymous said...

Allah ya isa, Allah ka kawo sakayya maz-maza kan azzaluman nan... .

Manzon Ayuba said...

Allahu akbar Allah jikan maza Gen Murtala,when accused of having looted public property he ask his accuser to be given free assess to anywhere he thought the General's property is, identify it and present it the to Nigerians. (Military regime fa) Allah sawwake. Giyar Mulki kenan

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when u try to shut up the voice of freedom, u create more voices that u can't control. Yuguda has directly or indirectly made Abbas Ahmed Faggo more popular than himself. U should simply take Dr Tilde's advice and honourably release Abbas.

Ibrahim Hassan Gusau said...

Oh! Oh!, dan Adam butulu. akai ranmar kin dillanci......