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Monday, October 29, 2012

Abbas Will Appear in Court Tomorrow

Abbas Will Appear in Court Tomorrow Abbas Ahmed Faggo, the civil servant detained by Yuguda and his Commissioner of Justice last week for mere reposting of a facebook account of the corruption taking place in Bauchi State under the present administration will appear before the Chief Magistrate of Court III in Bauchi tomorrow Tuesday, a lawyer who is preparing for his defense has revealed. Court III is located at a close near Muda Lawal's House, New GRA, Bauchi. I urge all citizens of the state who are in support of justice and who abhor the ongoing state of affairs to please visit the court tomorrow and peacefully express their solidarity with Abbas. It is their constitutional right. The appeal also goes to all those who have been expressing solidarity with Abbas on the Internet as well as workers, students' unions, civil right groups, etc. The NBA Bauchi Chapter President has just told me that he will be in the court with a number of his members. Justice to Abbas is justice to all of us. We must say no to tyranny in the 21st Century. We will defend justice even where Yuguda himself is the victim. Our fight for the freedom of Abbas is an assistance to Yuguda: The Prophet (SAW) was urged his companions to assist their brother whether he is the victim or the aggressor. They replied, "Oh Messenger of Allah! We understand assiting him when he is the victim. But how can we assist him when he is the aggressor? The Prophet (SAW) replied: "By preventing him from committing the aggression." Yuguda, please fear God and listen to us. Listen to the voice of justice. If you cannot fear God, then fear tomorrow when you will not be on that seat, when people will desert you, when EFCC will confirm as true what you are today using force to deny, when you will say, "How I wish I had listened", when "How I wish" will not be of any help. You see that tomorrow as afar; other Nigerians see it near. Hayya ratata! Laamu? Laamu? Laamu hoolataake, Iguda am. Aliyu


Abdullahi Abdulrahman said...

We will continue to support Abbass relentlessly, until justice prevailed. We the tax payers need to know how our state money is spent. We shall support this case to the logical conclusion. No to tyranny, Yes to freedom of speech.

Munir umar said...

May we live 2 witness ds day.Ameen!We wl surely gv a cover up to our chairman(NBA).


The choice is Yuguda's but, the impact is on all of us. Kudos Doc.

Anonymous said...


nasir usman said...

we either support abbas n justice or we look the other way round and endorse yuguda's tyranny. the choice is certainly ours.

Anonymous said...

Abbas must be free!!!!!!!!! Yuguda wat wr u thinking????? Haba gwamna ths s DEMOCRACY nd nt DEMOCRAZY!!!

Abdulkadir S. Abdulkadir said...

it is said dat no learder can do everythin n non can do nothin bu Learders lyk Yuguda ar close 2 doin nothin!am not tryin to be partisan but frankly even the blind knows the state we are in Bauchi 'A comatose developmental State'
An Economist dat add as a Bank CEO who has nothin so far to prove his worthness of that.
I hate 2 remember that he pull down a school to build another school @ an inflated rate of over a billion Naira! Don't we have vargins lands around if he most build? Don't we have higher intitutes that need infrastructures? Why most he pull that down?
And please tell him dat if he can't construct a road he should keep our road free from his un-car freindly bombs.
Welldone for removing Bauchi formular and bringin it back wit a different name. If you know you can't have enough to pay d civil servants why did u employ more in d name of politics?
Where are your illiterate Advisers some of which never goes to school? Call them back they most have a way to help you out of this state your puttin our dear State!
Bauchi will be fine again!
We reget what your services does to the state.
But we sure shall meet again.