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Monday, July 23, 2012

Disaster Hits Hausa Community in Jos


Just as the problem of the Fulani IDPs was subsiding, a flood yesterday hit the Hausa communities of Rikos, Gangare and all other communities of Jos along the Dilimi river. Dozens of lives are drowned; about thirty have been recovered so far and laid at the Central Mosque. Some bodies may only be recovered hundreds of miles down the river in Bauchi State as is usually the case.

One of the leaders of the Hausa community in Jos told me how hundreds of stranded families now live in the open without any shelter or provision, in addition to the loss of their beloved ones. As I left the city some minutes ago I started to think of how aid can reach them quickly.

So far there has not been any response from the state government. It will take a day or two or even more before relief would start reaching the victims from relief agencies. NEMA will certainly channel its aid through the Plateau State State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA). Experience of communities in the state, particularly Hausa and Fulani communities, teaches that relief from SEMA often comes staled, if it comes at all, as it rarely does. The experience of Jos IDPs in 2008 crisis is still fresh in our minds. It is a painful truth that has to be told.

An official of the Nigerian Red Cross told me in the morning that they are in the field assessing the disaster. Their help will definitely come earliest by tomorrow afternoon due to paper work.

We have some NCFR relief for the Fulani IDPs remaining in the Nigerian Red Cross office in Jos. I will, in consultation with other stakeholders, see if it is possible to deliver them to the communities affected in Jos, once there is anything in the remainder that would be of use to them immediately.

The Jasawa leaders decided that in the same manner we handled the Fulani IDP relief fund, we should do the same to the Hausa community. They agreed for the purpose of urgency to use my Zenith Bank Account – to prevent confusing it with the Fulani IDPs donations in GTB – and a text message be sent to the Barrister Sani Mudi containing the name of the donor and the amount he donated. The details of the account and the GSM number are as follows:

Zenith Bank Plc, Bauchi Branch. Aliyu U. Tilde. 1001030092.

The GSM number of Sani Mudi to whom the name of the donor and the amount donated would be sent is 08033494509.

The donations will be handled in the same way we handled the Fulani IDPs donations. We will publish online the names of donors and the amounts they donated as well as what the donations were used for, including quantities and rates of items purchased and any incidental cost incurred. As the Red Cross does it, relief will only be delivered to the beneficiaries directly, not their representatives or leaders or kept in a store, I promise

"Whatever good you do, God is aware of it."

Thank you.

Aliyu U. Tilde


23 July 2012


Anonymous said...

Dr. Tilde ALLAH ya saka ma da alkhairi.ALLAH yajikan musulmi ya maida asara ga wadanda sukayita.

Anonymous said...

Dr. you've really been of help to Muslim communities in not only Jos but also the entire Plateau state. It's my fervent prayer that Allah, the Most High reward you abundantly.

Sagir said...

May Allah Subhanahu wata'ala continue to reward your efforts.... Sagir Musa Umar

Anonymous said...

It is part of what Allah has destined but it is sad and unfortunate. Dr your work in Jos has not ended with this new incidence. Please do not dispair. Allah ya tsayar.

mustapha shykh barnoma said...

ولو تحركنا لمساعدتهم بشكل فوري كان سيخفف من وطأة الكارثة

Anonymous said...

I heard this evening that there was a disaster like this on through those that heard on the radio. This is another line in the chronicles of woes and tragedies on the Plateau. I don't think the good Dr. Tilde needed to define the tragedy by the Ethnic emphasis given, as though the agency of this disaster chose it's victims intelligently. This is a disaster on the Plateau, period. And the government structures to provide shelter and relief should PLEASE AND PLEASE swing into action IMMEDIATELY. The hardship the victims will go through is incalculable. Please respond for GOD's sake. NIGERIANS! PLS RESPOND FOR GOD'S SAKE! Meanwhile, I condolence and pray for those in that axis.
May God bring relief and protection from things we can't handle, in Jesus name! Amen

Anonymous said...

While I sympathies with the victims for God to grand them eternal rest I will also urge the writer to stop politicizing issues. The Caption is wrong and insinuating that Plateau SEMA will not respond is uncalled for...

Auwal jos said...

Allah yakara maka karfin gwiwar kokari dakakeyi a kam al ummar plateau

Rabiu Umar Maska said...

Innalillahi wa inna Ilaihi Raji'un. Allah shi gafarta masu. Wadanda suka ryu kuma Allah ya basu hakurin jure wannnan musiba.

Ashiru Hamza said...

Allah Ya rufa mana asiri. Allah Ya ji kan wadanda suka mutu. Ku kuma Allah Ya saka muku Dr.

Anonymous said...

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir raji'un.

Anonymous said...

The caption is quite in order and follows the practice obtaiinabale. You find 'fulanis attack..' 'Muslim terrorists' and even recently we heard a new one in onitsha 'Hausa. Policeman'. So the Dr is just following the best practices laid down by the members of the press. Allah ya saka maka da alheri ayyukan da ka ke yi. Shammasu Habibb

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Tilde,
You should know when we begin to approach things by sentimental expressions then we are failing. The issue of injury of lives is a serious one and to talk more of loss of human lives.
I expect you as a popular person in Nigeria especially in the Northern part of the country to always write on what will unite us in the North and not on what will divide us the more.Have you forgotten that in your state Bauchi houses were burnt and people killed in railway inclusive of plateau indigenous people that have not been catered for up to now by the Bauchi State Government since 2008? One thing I want you to know is that the North will never be for one tribal or religious group.
I expected you as a respected gentleman of Hausa/Fulani origin to solicit for quick intervention by the Federal/ Plateau state governments as well as spirited individuals in Nigeria to rise to the assistance of the displaced Hausas/Fulanis that were affected especially now that we facing the Ramadan period coupled with the rainy season.
Please always talk on what will further bring peace and unity to the North and Nigeria in general. We are tired of sentimental and bias messages like the one your posted that are further dividing the the ethnic and religious groups in the North. We no longer need your divisive messages which will continue dividing us while you are busy dining with the devils at night.
Lastly we need messages that will keep on uniting the masses of the North and not the ones that will makes them to be killing themselves while some you the human right activists are conniving with government officials in looting the treasury of the nation.
A right thinking Nigerian whether a Hausa/Fulani man will humanly sympathize with the people of those comminities in Jos irrespective of where he comes from, his religious or ethnic background.
Enough is enough for these kind of messages. Give us messages that will give us peace and unity in the North because the Northern masses have suffered more than enough as a result of messages from your likes.

Anonymous said...

Sub hanalah!!! May Allah d most high ova look d short comins of those dat pass away, magnify there gud deeds nd giv there famies d fortitude 2 bear d lost. May Allah provide sustainance , protection , guidance 4 those alive nd reward u too in abundant.

Abdulhakeem Kabara said...

jazakallah bi jannah!!!
Am also trying to see the help i can seek and gather for some of the victims of this disaster are in a school not far from my home...may Allah help us all!

Dr. Emmanuel G. Msheliza said...

Its only GOD ALMIGHTY that can reward your efforts. Thanx

Anonymous said...

Kindly provide an account number and the bank tp pay donations to. Most donations would come from well meaning Nigerians across May Allah reqaed yoi abundantly. Ahmed

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Tilde and ALL,
your efforts are quite commendable!
May I suggest as a matter of urgency that Muslim community should unite and form an emergency/ disaster response team. This umbrella should not necessarily carry the names of Muslims or Islamic.... just to avoid some mischief and conflict and to make it as objective that even non-Muslims could be assisted from the fund. We have to have social and psychological impact to ourselves as well as to our neighbors to succeed.
Similar suggestion goes to education endowment team to ensure that our youth secure scholarship and guide to pursue their basic and tertiary education. This will no doubt empower us and make us a state holders in all aspect of public life.
May our good intention be showered with Allah's mercy
My condolence to the affected community and the entire Muslim at large.
Message from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

innalillahi wa inna ilaihirraji'un Allah yajikan musulmi

Anonymous said...

GOD ALMIGHTY 'll continue to help and protect you Dr. Pls do nt relent, just go ahead with the selfless service you are rendering to humanity. Do your best & leave the rest to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. What they 'll say against you, won't amount to any thing!

Tajuddini Ahmed said...

That is very good advise. That is why we created this group Northern green campaign in order to help our youths, we need to have more people to intervene killing of innocent people will not solve our problems we need unity among us. May Allah (SWA) help those who lost their relatives and property and also May Allah help Dr Tilde and his families, Amin.

Anonymous said...

Allah ya jikan wanda suka rasu,arzikin da suka rasa,Allah ya mayar masu da dubun su.tnx dr

Anonymous said...

Allah ya bada zaman lafiya