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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maiduguri JTF Soldiers Attacked My Children - Female Unimaid Lecturer

JTF Soldiers Attacked My Children - Female UniMaid Lecturer

This is a very sad story I received from a former classmate of mine at A.B.U. (1978-1982), now a lecturer at University of Maiduguri, Mrs Salamatu Tata Askira. The question the STF commander in Maiduguri should ask himself is whether this misbehaviour is typical of or exceptional among his men.

Salamatu is lucky that her children escaped death, but not so were many parents in Maiduguri who lost members of their families and property to JTF carnage. We salute the courage of Salamatu for speaking out. I implore other Nigerians to do the same in the face of tyranny.

Who is proud of soldiers that attack civilians, children and women? The President, CDS, JTF Commander or who?

The JTF in Maiduguri is fond of denying these atrocities. But denial will not help it win the confidence of the people it claims to protect. Maiduguri, as a result of this wild behaviour by the JTF soldiers, is suffering from two Boko Harams: the JTF and BH. May God save Maiduguri and all Nigerians from both.

Let us listen to Salamatu:

My driver, Mamman, and two of my daughters suffered a traumatic ordeal in the hands of JTF in Maiduguri, yesterday, 28 August, 2012.

I had sent them to the bank unaware that there was a bomb explosion earlier on in the town. Shortly after that they called to tell me the situation in town and that they were on their way back as the banks were closed. Barely 10 minutes later, I received another call from them but this time I could barely hear them as they were crying hysterically. The only words which I could pick out were 'harbi, soja' (bullet fire, soldiers) and then more cries. I tried severally to call them back but of course in their confusion, they didn't pick the call. By this time, even those of us at home were crying. When eventually they were out of danger they called to say they were on their way. We waited anxiously at the gate for them.

According to Mamman, the military vehicle came from behind them, sped past them and one of the soldiers used the bottom of his gun to break the side mirror of the car. As soon as they had overtaken them, three of the soldiers at the back of the car opened fire at it directly. There was no other car in between. The soldiers fired several shots at the car but, Alhamdulillah, the bullets went through the bonnet and caused some damages there instead.

One of the bullets landed on the shoulder of a passenger in a taxi, which was behind our car. He bled profusely. I hope he survived it.

One of my daughters in her fright, opened the door of car and fled. The one at the back laid flat on the floor of the Sienna bus while Mamman, at the steering was in utter shock. In fact, he never thought he would come out of the ordeal alive. He didn't even know that bullets had pierced the bonnet till he got home and inspected the vehicle. On realising how close to death he had been, he opened the car, laid his head on the seat and wept like a baby. Have u seen a grown up weep? At this time we were crying yet again.

I suffered a similar fate last May. I was on my way to the university and completely unaware of the JTF vehicle coming behind me, probably cos my windows were up. Apparently they were beckoning at me to stop but I didn't know. When eventually I stopped, they all alighted from there car and surrounded me. One of them shouted that I refused to stop when they stopped me. I apologised and told them honestly I didn't realise they were stopping me . The driver of the vehicle, NPF 2495C, then came down and pointed his gun at me shouting, 'I will kill you now, I will shoot u'. He immediately used the bottom of his gun to smash the left headlamp of my car with so much rage. He then walked to the right side, repeated the same words and smashed the right head lamp. After that, he and the rest of his men entered their vehicle and drove off. This happened in front of Oasis bakery. Suffice is to say, other road users were shocked that they had actually attacked a woman.

I rest my case.




Anonymous said...

Allah ya isa. That's all I can say.

Muhd Ismail Hinna said...

Unfortunately Gombe which seems to be relatively peaceful is also on the verge of destruction by the activities of the JTF.And for how long are we going to continue as such?

Usman Zakari Ibrahim said...

May Allah protect the innocents.

jidda said...

The fear of BH and JTF is the quintessential wisdom in Maiduguri. Both are well armed to the teeth. And willing to use their fire arms. Both are paranoid- they are unsure who their friends or enemies are. When any of the combatants BH or JTF is attacked, the civilians brace for reprisal. Na only God o!

Ahmad Jumba said...

The Good, the bad and the Ugly IX
The state of Nation and the security challenges has caused Citizens to cry for help from the Almighty the creator of the universe. In a country were the Governance is a sacred duty the loss of a single person is always followed with inquiry and many heads rolls, but in Nigeria due our sharp divisions along ethno –religious, political and regional sentiment designed, coordinating by our Elites and implement by common Man, The output of which has inculcated into us only to condemned injustice when the victims are known to us.
The recent condemnation of the activities of JTF in Gombe town and environ should have come before now, let us remember the saying in hausa ‘‘in gemu dan uwan ka ya kamata wuta shafawa naka ruwa means if the beard of you Friend is own fire sock yours in water’’ when there glare inaction by the Federal Government, northern Governors Forums and the JTF on the day light massacre of innocent people at Potiskum Cattle Market must of us kept mute, this sent signal that you can do what you like to Nigerians and go free. Ours is the only Country were the security agency can ignore Court verdict and no sanction to them by either Presidency or the Watch dogs (National assembly). In life no condition is permanent, one day the leader will definitely become a follower. Establishing an evenhandedness society is the only solution to the current security challenges facing us today.
An Islamic Scholar Ibn Thaymiya said ‘‘Nation thrive under a justice leadership, even if the system is a secular and whereas perished under injustice even if the system is Godly’’

Anonymous said...

JTF madness. That's more reason they will never succeed,


Allahu Wahidun kahhar! May we be delivered from the evil missions against this nation & it's peaceful citizenry, Amin.


Allahu Wahidun kahhar! May we be delivered from the evil missions against this nation & it's peaceful citizenry, Amin.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Allah ba xai bari acigaba da cutar da mu ba, muna rokon intervention din Allah into d matter. Allah ya kara kiyayewa, amin. *Ra'is Al-ameen

Abdullahi Shehu Ibrahim said...

Overwhelmed I always become, in utter surprise and bitterness... the people trained and entrusted with arms for a sole purpose of protecting the life of the citizens/ society and also expected to make life easy and lively, alas!!! are the o
nes instilling fears and terror in the society and in the minds of the populace.

Truths, the tactics employed by the security agencies in addressing the issue of insurgency and terrorism have been consistently brutal and counterproductive and we are never happy with way we are treated.
Government needs to deeply look at this matter with a view of restoring normal life of its people, because extra judicial killings is never a solution but a fuel to more mitancy and more boko haramism expansion..

Salisu Dango said...

Allah sarki, no one can figure out the number of ppl such incidence happend to, many are dead others wonded while some are no where to be found.

Someone may not bleve you, but as a student of Unimaid, i most blive this and to add salt to an injury, i too had been many times been harrased by police and soldiers expecially at Maiduguri enterance gate. "I will kill all of you guys here" one of the soldiers said while we were stoped at the check point.

It seems like FGN is still not ready to tackle the stiation. May Allah protect us amin.

Salihu Haruna said...

This barbaric JTF behaviour will continue in the north for as long as Jonathan is the president

Anonymous said...

Allah ya isa for them

Anonymous said...

O Allah our creator protect and guide your creatures in to the right path.Allah Have mercy on our country nigeria and restor peace and hormony between diverst ethnics groups and religion. Amin ya qahharu.

Anonymous said...

May Allah SWT put an END to this miserable regime amin.

Anonymous said...

That is the situation, many are aware of it, but the moment you complain about the activities of the JTF, people from other parts of the country will say you support Boko Haram. Where will this take us to?

Ibrahim Muhammad said...

Truth be told, soldiers are more feared than BH.In fact, a bad leadership is the greatest catastrophe that could befall mankind on earth!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. Tilde for bringing this story to the public domain. This is just a tip of an iceberg considering the numbers of reported and unreported heinous crimes/atrocities being committed daily by our Soldiers who are paid and taken care of from our tax payers money and public treasure.

I am sure alot of our good Soldiers are not happy with the way few bad eggs amongst them are denting the image of the larger good defense Institution that people look up to for safety and security of their lives and properties.

And I am sure a lots of them would be reading this and many other/similar sad stories of how few happy triggers/bad eggs amongst them are turning the army into an instrument of terror for the common men/women/children in Nigeria - which is very unfortunate.

Similarly, every peace and justice loving Nigerian would detest these sad stories against the once good reputation of our defense institution. But its never too late.

We should recommend to the our Defense Ministry to immediately commission a competent technology experts to research, consider and immediately implement a comprehensive surveillance systems for all our Military vehicles and personnel in the field/operation.

These Technologies are readily available and are used by Military outfits around the world -- including USA. The system apart from proving intelligence to the central command on all the activities of their personnel/equipments in the field, it will also enabale the Military leadership to prove or refute any allegations or inquiry (with facts and figures/videos) by the President GCON, National Assembly or Civil societies on any wrong doing, since all operations even -- night operations would be documented by the system. The recorded videos/footage will also serve as an invaluable tool for training our future soldiers.

We can learn more here:

And so how much would it cost to implement this system one may ask?

Ans: Probably less or more than what Azazi is alleged to have build his mansions in Abuja more details here:

Salihu Garba

Anonymous said...

Daman sun saba wannan zaluncin, sai suna fakewa da BH

Anonymous said...

For how long are the elders of maiduguri going to keep quiet and keep looking? As elders they r saddled with the responsibility of being their brothers keepers. In this case their families keepers. For hw long do they want to watch these heartless beasts called JTF waste their youth? Haven't they watched them long enuf? Is it until no complete family is left in maiduguri before they stand up against them? They shud remember akwai ranar hisabi. Akwai ranar da zamu tsaya a gaban ubangiji ya tambaye mu me kuka yi ku kare en uwan ku??? Me zamu ce? Infact this affects us all as nigerians because u dnt knw where this tragedy will strike tomorrow and if u or one of urs will b a victim. A stich in time they say saves nine... A word is enuf for the wise.

Sadeeq Rabo Abdulkadir, Bauchi said...

Shame on the jtf & NPF 2495C in particular for harassing a woman (an innocent person. They can't do anything to the sect members (militant) but they can harass & intimidate innocent ones. WHAT A SHAME!!!