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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hillary Clinton Congratulates Zeidabadi on Award

By Aliyu U. Tilde, 3 May 2011

The ceremony for the award of 2011 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize to the jailed Iranian Jounalist, Ahmed Zeidabadi, has just been completed in Washington. The ceremony witnessed the award of the prize in absentia by the Director of UNESCO, Irina Bokova.

Speeches were also given by a number of renowned officials of different organizations dealing with press freedom. They included Kathy Calvin, Chief Executive Officer, United Nations Foundations; representatives of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Foundation Ana Maria Busquets de Cano of the Guillermo Cano Foundation; David Ottaway of Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation, Joergen Ejboel, JP/Politiken Newspaper Ltd; and Diana Senghor, President of the UNESCO/Guillermo Prize jury.

In a speech relayed via video, American Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton congratulated the winner of the award and described him as a person that championed the cause of freedom of expression in Iran. Despite his absence at the occasion, Secretary Clinton said the ceremony offered journalists the opportunity to reflect on the principle which Zeidabadi stands for and the contribution made by journalists in safeguarding the dignity, liberty and prosperpity of mankind.

The ceremony was the last in a series of three days events that marked the World Press Freedom Day in Washington and jointly sponsored by the Department of State and UNESCO. They were attended by journalists and bloggers from various parts of the world.


Aremu said...

One of the statement made by Malcom X made when Martin Luther King was awarded the Noble prize. He said,

"He got the peace prize, and we got the problem.. ... If I'm following a general, and he's leading me into a battle, and the enemy tends to give him rewards, or awards, I get suspicious of him. Especially if he gets a peace award before the war is over. Malcolm X, Interview with Claude Lewis, December 1964 (after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize)

GWADABE said...

I dont trust her, she is not sincere bcos H clinton is among the worst enemies of journalists. To my dear colleaque Zeidabadi, i whole heartedly facilitates with you for the Award bestowed in you evanthough in absentia, but like the coman Hausa adage, INA AMFANIN BADI BA RAI?