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Monday, December 17, 2012

From My Facebook Wall (5): Governor Ramlan Yero, Don't Betray God

Governor Ramalan Yero, Don't Betray God By this time yesterday, you didn't know that you will be a governor today. You were even alienated and billed for impeachment, for whatever reason, it is said. Now that you are a governor, you are likely to be infected by the virus that make Nigerian leaders turn away from God and embrace Satan and the cabal that has been destroying this country. Don't be o ne of them. It will be the greatest betrayal to God. They did not give you the position. God did. So embrace God and none else by facing your job with courage, diligence, dedication and justice to all. You are leading a state that is cosmopolitan and at a time that demands a lot dexterity to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging. Each citizen in your state, Muslim and Christian, is a stakeholder like any other. Please stand firm against the different power blocks and individuals that will attempt to manipulate you subtly or intimidate you openly. If you follow any of them you will be betraying God and his servants that He placed now under your care. Open your doors to people through various means including the social media such that you will know their problems directly. Listen to every advice with wise ear. Reject anything that would lead to injustice and accept all that will lead to fairness and peaceful coexistence and good governance. May God be your guide sir. Aliyu 94Like · · Share Yunana Maida, Sanusi Adamu, Aminu Reza Abdullahi and 179 others like this. Abdulaziz Abdullahi Yakubu you have said it all,what more do i add apart from 'amin' Yesterday at 14:53 via mobile · Like Mansur Musbahu Thanks Aliyu. For the beneficial Advice! And Prayer. May Allah (SWT) gives Ramlan the Courage and wisdoms to exercise and excute All the Advices Yesterday at 14:55 via mobile · Like Mohammed Bello Yakubu You have given the best of an advice, what left is the usage of the wisdom. Yesterday at 14:59 via mobile · Like Kaka Kyari Abba Hope this golden msg will get to him Yesterday at 14:59 via mobile · Like Ibrahim Umaru SarkinNoma May Allah guides him. Yesterday at 15:00 via mobile · Like Muhammad Bala Wunti May Almighty Allah protect and be with him in his duty as Governor. Yesterday at 15:00 via mobile · Like Aliyu Adamu A word is enough for the wise!!It's in his interest to work hard,fear Allah and carry every citizen along.Any departure from the truth will fail!!Prayers and best wishes. Yesterday at 15:02 via mobile · Like Abdulsalam Habibu Let d ear that hears, hear Yesterday at 15:07 via mobile · Like Salisu Saleh Salisu Thanks Dr for the words of encouragement to the Allah`s Choice.Definitely what you said if used can provide a road map to Kaduna people and will clear off doubt from their minds that some class of people or group will be segregated.Thanks for the service offered for humanity. Yesterday at 15:09 via mobile · Like Hamza Tafawa Kukan kurciya jawabi ne, mai hankali ke ganewa Yesterday at 15:09 via mobile · Like Abdulazeez U Rafindadi Words of wisdom! Yesterday at 15:11 via mobile · Like Muhd Kabeer Ahmad Thumbs up to a true NATIOALIST@A.U.Tilde am proud to be part of your immense contributions. May Allahu SWT rewards you abondantly. Yesterday at 15:14 via mobile · Like · 1 Aisha Ohunene Amen,nice update Yesterday at 15:20 via mobile · Like 'Qs Muhammad S Jibril Words of wisdom from a wise man. Thank you sir for this wonderful peace. Yesterday at 15:21 via mobile · Like Babangida Danjuma Kaduna Even his father he will nt hv more Dan dis to him. Yesterday at 15:28 via mobile · Like Mustapha Ibrahim Zigau Gud advice. Well done Sir. Yesterday at 15:30 via mobile · Like Aliyu Abubakar Ramalan u should remember that Power belong to ALLAH & he gives who ever he wishes may u be a just leader for all we wil mis u PIY Yesterday at 15:32 via mobile · Like Ibrahim Dule A good pice for good ears to hear. Yesterday at 15:33 via mobile · Like Abdulkadir Zailani A gud advice indeed so take action, ALLAH will help u. Yesterday at 15:35 via mobile · Like Abdullahi Suleiman Good advice,no doubt.However,the sweet taste of power,more often than not,normally intoxicates Nigerian political leaders,but time will surely tell on the tenure of the newest governor in Nigeria. Yesterday at 15:36 via mobile · Like Aminu Agbo Justice and fair play should be your watchwords, Gov Yero! Yesterday at 15:37 via mobile · Like Alhaji Jibrin Kawu Ofcourse these piece of words are enough for him to lead his ppl.A TRUELY WORDS OF WISDOM Yesterday at 15:37 via mobile · Like · 1 Idris Gabdo Well said Yesterday at 15:38 via mobile · Like Musa W Kolere Allah juttin balde, Allah sa ya ji kuma yayi ampani da sawarar. Yesterday at 15:40 via mobile · Edited · Like Shuaibu Ismail a good advice Yesterday at 15:44 via mobile · Like Muhammad Dikko iam with you Dr Yesterday at 15:47 via mobile · Like · 1 Salisu Isah Your excellency,the ball is in your court & Allah (swt) is watching u from all directions. GOOD LUCK,SIR! Yesterday at 15:49 via mobile · Like · 1 Ismaila Abdulkarim Comfirm Yesterday at 15:50 via mobile · Like Arabee Muhammad Impressive advice with a worth of widoms 2 rytheoutness of lyf. Yesterday at 15:50 via mobile · Like Auwal Alh Galoji Allah kadiran ala manyasha,u. Hmm.idan yaw kaine.wlh gobe.bakaine,ba. Yesterday at 15:51 via mobile · Like Ayuba Mohammed This makes me 2 remember ur colum 'path to second term'a colum that u advice and preached 2 our leaders.pls mallam put it on ur blog,i checked it wasnt there it teaches a lot Yesterday at 15:52 via mobile · Like Sa Za may Allah be ur guide,and may He grant u the wisdom to govern the state ameen. Yesterday at 15:52 via mobile · Like Hashimu Tafida may Allah guide him through, Yesterday at 15:53 via mobile · Like Barau Emmanuel Great epistle, Dr, sir....Congratulations to the new governor. God is supreme and so moves mysteriously to mortals. That same God should be the centrepoint of his administration and he may end up writing his name in gold, celebrated by all and sundry! Yesterday at 15:55 via mobile · Like · 2 Halliru Gamagira What a wonderful contribution may God guide him aright. Yesterday at 15:58 · Like Auwal Ahmed Allah ya taya riko yabaka ikon wanzarda adalci amin Yesterday at 16:12 via mobile · Like Sani Dangogo All is said by the Dr. The key words here are, BE FAIR TO ALL MANNER OF PEOPLE. Pls go back to the oath you took today, its there! Yesterday at 16:14 via mobile · Like · 1 Abdul Zubairu Dr. Tilde plz, advice our new govrnor, dat tarin mutane shine kasuwa ba tarin rumfuna ba. our locality zaria nd sabon gari is turning in 2 ghost town many youth r deserting bcos of d curfew enforced on us, election is over nd yet u cud see soldier on d street ed yet we r not at war. Plz help us 2 in4m him 2 remove dat curfew on us so that we cud enjoy freedom of movment. Yesterday at 16:16 via mobile · Like Umara Lawan May god guide and protect him through out his service as kaduna state governor. Yesterday at 16:27 via mobile · Like Sulaiman Umar Magama This is very gud advice. A word is enough 4 d wise Yesterday at 16:32 via mobile · Like · 1 Abdullahi Isiyaku Aliyu indeed a philosopical,logical &emotinal piece!!! Yesterday at 16:34 via mobile · Like Ruwaisu Hussaini allah ya taya riko Yesterday at 16:38 via mobile · Like Bulus Yaro God'll grant him d wisdom 2 govern. Yesterday at 16:39 via mobile · Like Adamu Mamser We need more of your type Dr. to move this country forward not sentimental and ethnic Governors like that of Plateau State. Pls mr. Governor remember the last day and do jsutice to every Kaduna State citizen by given everybody his due, so that posterity will judge you rite, May Allah guide and see you through. Amin. Yesterday at 16:43 via mobile · Like · 2 Suleiman Umar May God guid nd protect u throutout. And peace contined 2 ren in KADUNA amin Yesterday at 16:46 via mobile · Like Abdullahi Mati Usman Nigeria Dr. have said It all. Mr. Governor is left for you to choose the right path and have Allah's mercy upon you, or do as you wish, witch at d end faces Allah's wrath. May Almighty Allah guide you to d right path and do justice to all Kaduna people. Yesterday at 16:50 via mobile · Like · 1 Ijeoma Onuoha good advice.. Yesterday at 16:55 via mobile · Like · 1 Jamilu Aliyu Kagara May allah gide u 2 d right path Yesterday at 17:21 via mobile · Like Kabiru Muhammad Bello What a piece! Yesterday at 17:24 via mobile · Like Abdulmalik Danbirni Allahu Akbar. I pray he should work with dis. Yesterday at 17:27 via mobile · Like Abubakar U. Bube Excellent Yesterday at 17:27 · Like Isah Danlami Suleiman Tnx 4 ur advice all! May God help us all ameen. Yesterday at 17:33 via mobile · Like Umar Abdullahi Excellent. May Allah be wt u. Yesterday at 17:47 via mobile · Like Shiitu Danlami Amir Muhammad May allah guide him to the right path. Yesterday at 17:50 via mobile · Like Yaseer B. Umar My olmighty guide,nd protect u against evils,enemies nd mk u independnt 2 ol,bt i wld lyk u to remembr ALLAH at anythng u do nd at anytym nd at any moment,nd do justice in ur work,nd kindns.Bcos kindness is d language wch d deaf cn hear nd d blind cn see,once again prophet muhammad saw said:kindness is amark of faith nd whoevr is nt kind has no faith.I wshg u ALLAH guidance. Yesterday at 17:52 via mobile · Like Ishaq Mapis Nice advice. May Allah guide & giv mr. Governor d wisdom 2 perfectly lead kaduna state. Yesterday at 17:54 via mobile · Like Yusha'u Pro May God make it easy 4 him. Yesterday at 18:02 via mobile · Like Samaila Rabiu Good aphorism from an eloquent personality. Yesterday at 18:08 via mobile · Like Nasiru Kukawa Your advice has captured all that has to be said for the new governor & indeed all our other leaders. Welldone! May those for whom the message is primarily meant reach it. Yesterday at 18:11 via mobile · Like Abubakar Adamu This is one of the advices that most of our leaders need, we hope the present governor will pay attention to must of what are being mention in this special post by our brother. Good job brother! Yesterday at 18:14 via mobile · Like Shehu Halilu Kagarko I hope he will do all that. Yesterday at 18:16 via mobile · Like Rabiu Inuwa Thanks alot 4 ur contribution. Yesterday at 18:31 via mobile · Like Tafida Lawal May Allah (SWT) guide him through. Yesterday at 18:34 via mobile · Like Aliyu Isah K What a gud advice may God guide him and be able to do justice to muslim and christians of his state amin. Yesterday at 19:00 via mobile · Like Jalal Muhammad Allah ya tayashi riko Yesterday at 19:04 via mobile · Like Sani Salihu Aliyu this is a good advise not to him alone,but to all those in the mantle of leadership Yesterday at 19:10 via mobile · Like · 1 Ismail Muhammad What a brotherly advise. Yesterday at 19:28 via mobile · Like · 1 Basiru Ibrahim Akuyam Jazakumullahu khair! Yesterday at 19:35 via mobile · Like Lawal Shehu Aliyu Zaria It really a well-wishing and wonderful advise given by a wonderful person. Allah yata shi riko. Yesterday at 19:40 via mobile · Like Asogya Rufai Allah yatayashi riko ammen tsuma ammeeeen. Yesterday at 20:08 via mobile · Like Hussaini Ya'aribe Mohammed Good advice Yesterday at 20:09 via mobile · Like Jibril Abdullahi Gud adv nt 2 him alone bt 2 all our leaders Yesterday at 20:18 via mobile · Like Muhammad Yahaya Jiyah that good may Allah asist and gaid him. Yesterday at 20:29 via mobile · Like Aliyu Usamatu Azare Allah Sarki DR. wato shi ilimi abun so ne! Allah yakarawa Dr. Ilimi da basira!! Yesterday at 20:40 via mobile · Like · 1 Balarabe Umar You have said it all,'IDAN KUNNI YAAJI ......' Yesterday at 20:42 · Like Mohammed Umar Wat a nyc advice may GOD bless u too. Yesterday at 21:05 via mobile · Like Ishaq Muhammad Haruna nyc advise bros, kudos to U. Yesterday at 21:25 via mobile · Like Aminu Maikudi What else can any one add to this? May God guide you. Yesterday at 21:34 via mobile · Like Haruna Auwal Ina maka fatan alkhairi Naturunku ka girma da gaga. Yesterday at 22:02 via mobile · Like Hafizu Nazifi Allah yasa wannan sako ya isa ga wanda aka rubuta dominsa kuma yai aiki da shi. Yesterday at 22:12 via mobile · Like Sadi Samaila Inama ace mai girma gwamna zaiyi amfani da wannan shawarwari? Yesterday at 22:52 via mobile · Like Ibrahim Ladan Very reach advice. 16 hours ago via mobile · Like Meena Zubairu Nyc 1,Amin 15 hours ago via mobile · Like Hadiza Bello Lovely.u hav spoken well Aliyu.God bless u 4 dis 15 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1 Muhammad Bala Dat is intellegent advice tnk u. 12 hours ago via mobile · Like Kamilu Zee Adamu Aliyu u hv gud advicebl an gud spok,ALLAH ya bashi ikon anpani da wannan shawarar amin 11 hours ago via mobile · Like Lawal Abdullahi No any advice can pass Aliyu's one.may ALLAH be with you any time.ameeen. 11 hours ago via mobile · Like Mohammad Mahe That is the actual true 7 hours ago via mobile · Like Usman Alh Abubakar Good advice. 7 hours ago via mobile · Like Aminu Bello Gud one 5 hours ago via mobile · Like Maaruf Salisu Mohammed That is d actual truth ,u hv said all. 3 hours ago via mobile · Like Al-Hassan Haruna That is true my Allah help us 2 hours ago via mobile · Like Idris K. Shehu Do hope ur advice gets to him Dr about an hour ago via mobile · Like Mustapha Dalhatu May Allah help him n make it easy 4 us all. Thnx 4 ur kind words. 38 minutes ago via mobile · Like Write a comment... Promote

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Sound advice,but don't rule out for him to eventually be intoxicated with the siren and forget.