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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Facebook Wall (3) OBJ Exports Rigging to Ghana

From My Facebook Wall (3) By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde OBJ Exports Rigging to Ghana Wonders never end, they say. Uncle Segun was the head of the ECOWAS election monitoring group in the recent Ghanaian elections. Aren't others correct to enquire whether we Africans could really be serious at anything at all, even for once? Here was a guy who squanderd many chances of becoming a true statesman of his own country, who had the opportunity like no one else before to institutionalize democratic values but who blew them in pursuit of ethnic chauvinism and his characteristic megalomania, manipulating religion to divide the country and overseeing the looting of its treasury at the expense of its existence. Yet, he is the statesman that Africa and the international community find worthy of recognition. Obasanjo is not alone. Yesterday, I saw former President Abdulsalami Abubakar mediating between Sudan and Southern Sudan. Abdulsalami it was, in connivance with other retired Generals, manipulated the democratic process and delivered the monster which in turn gave birth to our present state of instability and unprecedented level corruption. It committed the cardinal sin of power shift which has resulted in so much rancour and mistrust among Nigerians today. Abdulsalami's tenure, like that of his chosen successor and former boss, witnessed one of the highest frequencies of multibillion dollar corruption in the country. Are these the best men that African womb could produce? Well, not unexpected with Obasanjo and the many Nigerian observers that included INEC team and members of our National Assembly at the elections in Ghana, the results were tampered with, charged the opposition, which has accused the ruling party of what we can call a PDP culture. I heard Obasanjo justifying the rigging, generalizing that every election in the world is bound to have problems. I agree with an ECOWAS official who was reported saying that the utterances of OBJ alone were capable of jeopardizing Ghana's political stability, were it not for the maturity of its democracy and the patriotism of its politicians. Beware Ghanaians! Please don't learn from the beasts that have devoured their own country. They weren't in your country for election tourism alone but also to infect you with the dangerous virus of election rigging, a heavy load of which they carry. And unless Africa is serious about itself, nobody will take it serious on anything. True. Africa, the dark continent! Your wonders will never end. 12/12/12.

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