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Friday, December 24, 2010

Maimuna's Donations Account Number

The much awaited account number dedicated to the cause of Maimuna, the 16 year old girl that was raped and sex slaved by some policemen in Kano is given below.

ACC NUMBER: 0071060040371

There are three joint signatories to the account:

Dr Abdullahi Dahiru
Alhaji Ghazali Ado and
Alhaji Uba Tanko Mijinyawa

I travelled to Kano two days ago to meet with these people and work out some details of what needs to be done immediately. They are meeting today with the representative of Hizbah who has also been handling the matter of Maimuna to discuss the issue of the trust or foundation under which matters associated with her, including funds, will be handled. The suggestion so far is that it should inlcude representatives of government, Hizbah, women network in Kano, and Maryam's uncle.

There have been three significant developments on this issue since my last update four days ago.

1. The Police Commissioner in Kano has announced the dismissal from service of two of the three policemen; the third is demoted from Inspector to sergeant for his partial involvement. The CP said the suspects will be handed over to the DPP for immediate prosecution. 

2. The Human Rights Commission has petitioned the Inspector General of Police on the matter calling for full investigations.

3. Two days ago, the Attorney-General of the Federation (AG) and Minister of Justice has ordered the Inspector General of Police to arrest the culprits and conduct full investigation into the matter which he described as "dastardly", "criminal" and “constituted a grave violation of the victim’s fundamental right to the respect and dignity of her person.”   According to the report, "the Attorney-General condemned the action of the Police high command in remaining silent on this incident that has attracted wide publicity and public condemnation."

We remain grateful to the public and the media for the coverage. Here, the Voice of America Hausa Service deserves a special mention for its extensive coverage.

I assure donors that their donation is safe. We will be making pubic whatever accrues into the account and the source, anonymous or known, from time to time. We hope readers will contribute generously whatever they can, big or small.

As a farmer struggling with life in rural Nigeria, I announce my donation of a young cow that will deliver many other cows and bulls for Maimuna on my farm, God willing. In addition, I also donate N50,000 ($325) cash. 

"And whatever good you do God is aware of it."

Aliyu U. Tilde

Readers have been suggesting that Maimuna be tested for STD and HIV. I am glad to say that many sources have told me that she has been found negative on both, though further tests are required in later months to reconfirm the absence of HIV.


Ibrahim Abdullahi said...

Certainly, Dr you are really wonderful! Allah Ya saka da alheri for this gigantic strides to helping "poor and less privileged" (as some assume). Your effort in this regard has tremendously elevated this sister of ours to the peak of freedom and will definitely prevent future occurrences. This is what should be emulated by all. Time has come for the poor class in this country to be upright to salvage ourselves against all cin kashi da ake yi mana, otherwise we will continue see inhumane treatment. Allah Ya sa a mizani. May Allah give us the ability to make donations.

Dogara said...

Thanks a lot Sheikh Tilde for the efforts so far. May Allah reward all of us abundantly; and may He strengthen Maimuna in her faith. I shall certainly contribute.

Once again thanks for providing us with the opportunity to discharge our responsibilities. Jazakumullah khairan.


Isah Alkali B. said...

Those who give in times of need and hardship, those who suppress their anger and forgive other people. Allah love the good doers. Allah saka maka da alheri

bakar said...

Thank you Dr.Tilde for the account numbers and for you personally travelling and ascertaining things for yourself. Indeed you have my utmost gratitude and sincere admiration. May Allah SWT reward you and everyone in this world and hereafter for all the comments, suggestions and contributions. No amount donated is too small. We are grateful and shall be sending ours soon. Although we are currently not in Nigeria, we will send ours as soon as possible.
Thank you once more for keeping us informed and may Allah bless your lineage and all those making their contribution financially and otherwise. I still make my request. I pray the health of the girl is checked thoroughly to ensure she is healthy.
Thank you once more and God bless all our esteem readers.

Habu Mamman said...

May the Almighty Allah recognize and appreciate your effots. Mu kam 'yan adam sai ka yi hakuri da mu.

Habu Mamman

scientist said...

Thank you Dr Tilde, Wallahi I became very happy when I read on the news that the FG has ordered for the arrest and the prosecution of the culprits. May Allah reward you for your effort; because if you had not talked and kept talking about this issue, the whole of it would have been forgotten by now, we might only remember we read such a story in weekly trust. This will make such other people to restrain from such callous act and our sisters would have freedom of mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you continue to do, Dr. Tilde.

If i may suggest, an account dedicated to the cause of Maimuna (a 16 year old, in this land) should bear her name and she should also be a (if not the) signatory to the account.

Emeka said...

Good morning Dr. Tilde, please can you get the swift or iban code of the bank, this is very important for those us outside Nigeria. It makes international money transfer faster. ( 3 days working days) Thank you and may God continue bless you.

Anonymous said...

Aslm. Dr. Tilde, Jazakal Lahu khairan 4 all efforts. May Allah make Jannatul Firdaus our final abode.
My question is has the sister been taken to a hospital to determine whether she is (May Allah forbid) pregnant or has been infected with any STD?

Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde said...

I am sorry to say that I have to disclaim the praises and appreciations expressed here in my favour. Actually, the credit goes to the groups in Kano especially hizba, the AG, Raayiriga/Yanarewa discussion groups, IWEA of sister Maryam Uwais who dedicated a whole staff to the task,, Network for Justice and equality, etc, not to me, please. All I am doing is to try and inform my readers and the world through my limited channels - this blog and several websites and newspapers that publish my work - of the developments regarding this case. This is the least I think I can do to help the cause of the little girl. In fact the mainstream media have been doing much better than I do. I hope the thanks will be directed to those who actually deserve it.

I am pleased to announce that Maryam has been found to be negative on all tests regarding STD, pregnancy and HIV. The last needs to be repartee in later months.

senator is turaki said...

When a 52 year old man raped a 9 year old girl in dutse, i was the governor we prosecuted on public policy and immorality as it was difficult under the evidence act to get conviction on rape, disgustingly women were among his lawyers,every man is innocent untill proven guilty.

Shuaib said...

" What you give in charity small or big Allah Is aware of it". (Q. Baqrah).

Bro Sheikh Aliyu Tilde you deserve some commendation in the totalitarian sense of the word. Insha Allah Maimunah will be found HIV negative in the next months to come as I am sure Allah shall not suffer the innocent in this manner.

As for the culprits, I say measure for measure. This incident is just a minute fraction of the atrocities the Nigerian police is meting on the poor mass of Nigeria who have no access to media or any help because of their ill-fated situation.

Our elected(?) / selected representatives in the states assemblies and Abuja are not appearing to help the matter in anyway by passing concrete legislations that could guarantee the safety and integrity of the weak and poor among us. You can only hear the pigs barking when it comes to money matter beneficial to themselves alone or if something went wrong in the process of sharing the loot.

I am currently overseas, I shall send in my contribution when I return in early January 2011.

And to you Sheikh Tilde, I say in our mother tongue " U se Ardo. Allah Hokmo Aljannah.

Salam and kind regards



May Allah give us more of Dr. Tildes in Nigeria. I have the feelings that with 6 Dr. Tildes, one in each of the regional zones of Nigeria, Nigeria will be much better off.

Mohammed Iliyas said...

I can only likened Dr. Tilde as one of those called by the Qur’an Verse 3:104:
“Let there arise out of you a band /group of people inviting to all that is good and enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong: these are the ones to attain felicity”
We are striving to be in that group. My donation will follow.

Abdul Hadi said...

Dr. Tilde God bless you and all other people who contributed one way or the other in this matter, ameen. Allah ya biyu bukatun duk wanda ya taimaka a alkhairi ameen, Allah ya tsare wannan yarinya daga duk cututtukan da aka duba ta idan an sake yi mata test. Allah ya bada lada ya bada ikon taimakawa, ameen.