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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trivial 6. CPC Crisis Worsens

Trivial 6.
Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde
CPC Crises Worsens
Just three hours ago, the former CPC Chairman of Kano, Alhaji Haruna Danzago, who was removed by the Party’s Board of Trustees (BOT), completed a press conference in Kano where he presented a fresh letter signed by the National Chairman of the Party, Senator Rufa’i Hanga, showing that the party’s Chairman has reconfirmed his appointment as the CPC Chairman in the State. The letter was also copied to the State Commissioner of Police, State Director of SSS and the State Resident Electoral Commissioner.
The development came barely two days after Engr. Buba Galadima announced the dissolution of the party executives of Kano, Katsina and Kebbi States as fallout from the decisions taken by the BOT which is chaired by Muhammadu Buhari.
The dissolved executives of Kebbi State also publicly declared their defiance to the dissolution order in an interview granted by their Chairman to the BBC yesterday. Similar statements were made by the ones in Katsina.
It is now clear that there is a dangerous power tussle within the party, with Buhari and his aides like Engr. Buba Galadima and Sule Yahaya Hamma, both BOT members and former members of The Buhari Organisation (TBO), on the one hand and the Chairman of the Party in whose name it was registered and who was not part of TBO.
It seemed that National Chairman had accepted the earlier decision of the BOT to dissolve the executive committees until his attendance of the joint meeting between INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, and Chairmen of political parties in the country.
Observers believe that Hanga made a u-turn after being bolstered by the categorical announcement of Jega that only congresses and primaries that were conducted according to the constitution of each party will be recognized by the electoral body. According to CPC constitution, the highest decision making body is the NEC which is chaired by Hanga as the Chairman of the Party, and not the BOT that is headed by Muhammadu Buhari.
Also, according to the Party’s constitution, only financial members of the party can partake in its congresses and primaries. This provision gives the Chairman an advantage over the BOT which decided a week ago that the congresses be open to all supporters of the party. In Kano where the National Chairman is preparing to contest for governorship, the much discredited ward congresses that were conducted last Saturday and which were cancelled by the BOT were attended only by card carrying members of the party. The cards, numbering only 54,000, were largely sold only to followers of the National Chairman, other aspirants allege.
This development has resulted in two caretaker executive committees in Kano, Katsina and Kebbi States, one appointed by the National Chairman and the other by the BOT.
No comment is heard yet from the BOT on the recent development.
The congresses of Katsina, Jigawa and Bauchi states are billed for next Saturday, 18 December 2010.
Until recently, Alhaji Haruna Danzago has been on the side of Buhari and was the most critical voice from the camp of the former General against Shekarau, the present Kano State Governor.
Two days ago, Engr. Buba Galadima, who has been the chief spokesperson for Buhari recently, has in an interview he gave to BBC two days ago threatened to leave the party if justice will not be done to every aspirant by following due process. The threat, coming from one of the closest aides of Buhari, has led some observers to predict that if push comes to shove, Buhari too may abandon the party, thus pulling the carpet from underneath the feet of the many moneybag politicians who have flocked the party in order to cash on his credibility to fulfil their electoral aspirations.
15 December, 2010


Ghazali said...

CPC in disarray ? PDP in crisis .........What is happenning to the political class . Its getting quite intereting to us by standers . No comment yet !

Bashir Yahuza Malumfashi said...

These political squables taking place in some of the major paties i.e. PDP, CPC et-al are sign of bad omen. If I were Buhari and if to say there is a provision of Indefendent Candidacy in Nigeria, I would opt for it. Otherwise General Buhari may end up being betrayed by people closer to him as it happened in 2007. It seems Buhari is the only person with unique character in CPC, whose aim is the upliptment of downtrodden. To be candid, he is a lone-ranger! May Allah help him with truthful lieutenants to square the formidable challanges ahead. May Allah save Nigeria!

Idris Kubau said...

The best option for Buhari is to leave the party and the politics entirely in order to rest. But if he stand on his rigid idea, no any political party that have no such problems. CPC change!! What happened in kano and katsina clearly shows that all the same in any party. That means, decamping is not the solution.

Anonymous said...

Dr. thank you for this update on the CPC take in the political terrain. But, BOT, Buhari and his close associates such as Buba Galadima should know that they are playing politics in Nigeria and with Nigerians not in any ideal or utopian country where angels hold sway. So they should learn to accommodate all shades of opinion, the good the bad and the ugly.

The German great man under whose leadership Africa was partitioned should be a good example of a leader with a mission such as Buhari to emulate.

Keep your winning cards to your chase please untill power comes to you finally. PATIENCE IS THE ANSWER FOR NOW PLEASE.

Aminu Yusuf Bombiyo

Nabila said...

Buhari should just leave CPC. A lot of people in CPC are there cos they want to appear to the masses as credible candidates. It's going to be ANPP all over again. They'll use Buhari to win and end up joining PDP after they've won elections under CPC. There's no need for Buhari to let them use him. Nigerian politicians are blood thirsty dogs! very ruthless bunch who Buhari definitely shouldn't align with. he's better off in AC

Yusuf Yusufari said...

You said it all big bros..that money bags are joining the party enmass to cash in on the popularity of the party. Allah ya sawaka mana

Anonymous said...

The level of pollution and decay in the minds of most Nigerian politicians can not be over emphasized. It is crystal clear that most of these so called ''patriots'' revolving around the General are very much ready to strangle him in order to better their lots!!! They had succeeded in doing that in ANPP, now they are following him to his own farm to repeat the same!! Be informed, you will never ever succeed again, Insha-Allah!!!

Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothing yet! I honestly believe the game of politics in Nigeria lacks a referee. My God! What do Nigerians want???

buharimagazine said...

This is sad, but normal.It is different from the irregularities in PDP.While PDP believe in using government machineries to impose candidtaes,the CPC money bags believe that where ever Buhari is the voters will surely go there in troops.Leaving CPC is not the solution but negotiations and lots of wisdom.

Isah Buhari said...

The nature of Buhari will not allow him to participate and enjoy our political process in Nigeria, 1. he is too static 2. he is very honest thinking that any other person will think and do the right thing. coupled with his thinking that those surrounding him may deliver him as the next Nigerian president. If I were him I will just go back to my kaduna home and only be serving the country at the advisory role.

habiba lawal said...

CPC has been hijacked by a bunch of crooks,of which there's an abundance in the Nigerian political if Buhari leaves CPC,he's likely to meet another set of crooks laying in wait...I think he should remain and ensure that everything neccessary is done to checkmate the activities of these opportunists...this should give others food for thought.

dongo said...

politics is the management of crisis...nigerians are in CPC so wat do u expect...there is no party for the saint...let BUHARI win the presidency 1st others will toe his Nigeria of today how do u win an election if u don't have money

Khalid Imam said...

I deem what Gen. Buhari should do over the internal crisis rocking his new party, the CPC, in my view, is not to leave the party. Doing so is akin to a General dumping his soldiers at war front. And to some of us who have been shouting at the top of our voices that Buhari's TBO is peopled by wolves in sheep's fur; and that most of his close political associates (the Danzagos and Hangas)are anything, but pseudo liberators. And what this unfortunate and avoidable crisis succeeded in proving is to vindicated us. And that the Danzagos who recently take so much delight in publicly demonizing Shekarau are after all not better saints than him.

hebar said...

i do agree with nabila

danjume said...

I share your views 101% I am confident the best option now is ACN and I am confident together the other parties like PRP will quickly follow.Dama it is said your killer is with you!Makashinka na has been said long ago that PDP will never allow any opposition and thats what we are witnessing today.What democracy! How do you know if all those identified are not an extention of the 5th colomnists?