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Monday, December 13, 2010

Trivial 4 Buhari May Leave CPC

Trivial 4
By Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde
Buhari May Leave CPC
The recently concluded congresses of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) at ward level in many states of the federation has left no one in doubt about the nature of the party’s leadership. All the commentators I read or listened to so far have expressed their shock regarding the extent to which some candidates went to rig the outcome of the exercise. Reports have also confirmed the widespread irregularities especially in states considered as the strongholds of the party and its presidential aspirant, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).
Barely ten days after writing Fraud, Moneybags and CPC (, it is disheartening to report back that the fears I expressed in that article regarding the emerging bad reputation of the party have materialised. Unless something is done quickly, the confidence which many Nigerians have – that the party will put up a formidable challenge to the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) – will be quickly eroded. The fraud that is taking place has no equal in the annals of Nigeria’s political history.
The first bad omen came from Katsina, the home state of Buhari himself. There were widespread allegations that a gubernatorial aspirant, Senator Yakubu Lado Danmarke, has bribed each member of the state caretaker committee with N5million and each chairman of local government caretaker committee with N400,000. The state committee did not waste time in sitting and declaring that it has reached a consensus to give Danmarke the gubernatorial ticket of the party, to the total exclusion of other candidates. Naturally, the likes of Aminu Masari that did follow that rule cried foul. A supporter of Danmarke was heard over the BBC admitting that indeed N5m money was given but as a “contribution” to running the party. He even rhetorically asked, “Would the party run without money?”
How could a group of few people sit and decide to give a party ticket to someone in a state of four million people, without any primaries and in a party that promises to institute social justice among 150 million Nigerians? The ward congresses of Katsina State where ward executives and three ward delegates will be elected are coming up next week. The story is not over. But I bet you it will not be different.
Yes. It will not be different from what happened in the neighbouring state of Kano where the National Chairman of the party, Senator Rufa’i Hanga, violated the directive of the Board of Trustees (BOT) not to use the initial limited registration cards of the party in last Saturday’s congresses. But having known that the cards were sold mostly to his supporters, Hanga refused to carry out the directive. Haruna Danzago, the Chairman of the party in Kano, was heard on air a day before the congresses threatening that anybody who goes to the venue without the membership card will be promptly arrested by the Police. Many people called on Buhari and other BOT members to complain of this bizarre display of injustice. One of the Board members was heard advising some of the complainants on phone that they are free to “resort to whatever is possible to fight for their rights.” It was an advice given in ignorance of what the National Chairman of the party had in store in the next few hours.
As it turned out, in most local governments the congresses did not take place at all. Results were cooked and submitted to the party headquarters in Kano. Where the congresses took place, Hanga’s supporters outsmarted those of other candidates: the congresses were started at 2am in the night in some places, others until Fajr prayers were said at 5pm! By 8am when the congresses were to start officially, all was concluded. This is a new achievement in rigging. Not even PDP can beat this record, as a commentator said on Dandalin Siyasa, a yahoo discussion group. Of course, all the officials and delegates who emerged as winners from the charade are supporters of the National Chairman, who is a gubernatorial aspirant in the state. This act of desperation now gives credence to the allegation that he purposely formed the party and lured Buhari into it in order to become the Governor of Kano State. Haruna Danzago, the party chairman in Kano and who was never short of words in criticising Governor Shekarau for ‘betraying’ Buhari, told the BBC that nothing could be perfect in this world. I do not know if Danzago has realised that by this singular act he has betrayed Buhari more than any person before in the history of Kano.
I will not leave the Kano scene without weighing the capacity of CPC for injustice in comparison to the ruling PDP. Last year or so, the PDP conducted its congress in Kano where it elected state party executives. It was carried out in broad daylight and we have not heard the losers, late Abubakar Rimi and his supporters – complaining of rigging. Parties in this country have been conducting primaries but never have we seen them rigged to the extent that is presently done in the CPC.
In Kebbi State, it was a different story. The complaint is coming from moneybags who joined the party few days ago – a candidate who is supported by Senator Adamu Aliero, the former governor of the state, and another, an ex-custom officer, who is supported by the renowned smuggler, Dahiru Mangal. As usual, they started making efforts to take over the party using money. A leaflet was circulated in Birnin Kebbi a day before the election purporting that a consensus was arrived at which conceded the ticket to the former custom officer, Abubakar Garunmalam. This made CPC supporters to further rally around K. T. Turaki (SAN) who has been nurturing the party since its formation. The congresses were duly conducted and the supporters of Turaki won. There are now hues and cries from the moneybags who, not surprisingly, have the sympathy of the National Chairman, are calling for the congresses to be cancelled. 
This morning, I heard the fire-spitting spokesman of Buhari, Engr. Buba Galadima, promising party supporters that they have not shifted from its ideology of social justice and that he will insist that justice must be done to all after a careful study of supporters’ complaints and reports from the police and INEC. Otherwise, Buba threatened to resign from his position as a member of the BOT or even from the party completely. I just learnt this afternoon that he has announced the dissolution of the party executive in Kano and Katsina, a good face-saving measure.
The threat of Buba should echo in the mind of Buhari, if we will advise the General honestly. If CPC will not be run in accordance with the principles of justice which he stood for all his life but only according to the whims and caprices of moneybags, he too should consider resigning from the party. The injustices in the party have been very much around to the knowledge of the General himself. Decisions of the BOT he chairs are blatantly ignored by the National Chairman.
Unless due process is followed, starting from the congresses, CPC will severely suffer from crisis of reputation by this time next week. The more contentious primaries of Katsina, Jigawa and Bauchi states are coming next Saturday. The National Chairman has long ago dissolved the party executives in Bauchi and Jigawa in favour of some moneybags that joined the party recently. If the same fraud is repeated at those congresses in favour of such characters, then the party should as well forget winning any state during the next election, let alone making Buhari the President of Nigeria. What would we expect from people who cannot retrain themselves at party level when we entrust them with the leadership of this country? Bauchi is a good example.
In that case, Buhari should seriously consider abandoning the party entirely as Buba threatened. (In fact Buba by his comment may be preparing the minds of Buhari’s supporters exactly for that.) It will be too crippled to guarantee his success and too undeserving for his membership. I have expressed my reservations to him few weeks before he joined the party based on some initial signals I intercepted. Now that they have disappointedly become real, he must start thinking, and think quickly, of a better option.
And who said such option does not exist? There are many ideologically credible parties around that have been tested and trusted. The Peoples’ Redemption Party of Balarabe Musa and Labour Party will welcome him. They supported his presidential bid in 2007. Even ACN is far more assuring than CPC, as it is. Besides, I do not know of any supporter of the General who will object to his joining the ACN or Labour Party. It will be a welcome decision and a revolution in our political history. It will improve his chances of victory and help to significantly reduce the north-south divide of our politics. This has been my stand. After he has left CPC, the moneybags can make anything of it. But at least we have denied them the chance of using Buhari to hoodwink the masses as it happened in Bauchi in 2007.
This is my advice to the Buhari. I implore every reader to express his in the comment box below ( if you are not reading the article from my blog). I will ensure that it reaches him immediately. Try, please. Your advice could make a difference.
13 December 2010

The BOT met yesterday and Buba Galadima announced the cancellation of the congresses conducted in Kano and Kebbi. The excos of Katsina, Kebbi and Katsina have also been dissolved. The National Chairman, apparently displeased by the decision, objected by disclaiming Buba Galadima as incompetent to speak on behalf of the BOT. (Source: BBC Hausa service, 14 Dec 2010. 6.30am)


Anonymous said...


musbahu sani abdullahi said...

i think the best option is for the General to leave the party honourably, and leave the so-called political prostitutes to test their own popularity among the poor masses that have become instruments of their own destruction. we are indeed tired of voting people in not because we feel they could deliver but because they have alligned themselves with the General. we have suffered the consequences not to talk of the misrepresentation both at state and national assemblies. with the recent developments now, it is glaring from the level of desperation that the aim of the whole process is defeated from the very beginning. and this is just a tip of the iceberg..

yemifash said...

Let General Integrity join ACN. ......Nigeria will be better for it

muhalisu said...

As much as I love Gen. Buhari and prefered him than any other Nigerian presidential candidates, I found this to be his shortcomings in politics; you can allowed people to outsmart you all the time, and think of masses should decide their faith-It has never happened, and it will never happen that large majority of masses to think of what is good for them; it is only few among people in the society that can think and that is why God made some us to lead- General Buhari is unequivocally accepted by masses and well meaning nigerians that he is honest and deserving leader of our country, then he should act as that. I strongly believe that his "I don't care attitude" was what make him lost ANPP for the opportunists. He should lean from the life of the kind of late Malam Aminu Kano, and act to expectation; he can't be accepted as a leader and be changing party all the time. He should have a strength to build a party strongly based on ideology, such a way that it is difficult for any opportunists to join; Yes an ideological party can make a way up in Nigeria, all masses are tired of being poor and looting!
Muhd A. Sulaiman

Angilda Takwama said...

General Buhari should leave CPC and join ACN or Labour Party as soon as possible. CPC is tainted already and we want Buhari to remove himself from every appearance of corruption,and thievry as demonstrated by both Kano and Katsina local leaders. Peace.

Angilda Takwama


Dr. you have said it all, the only option left for Buhari is to leav e CPC, like you have envisage i equally think along that line, CPC and its leaders are only out to use the prominence of Buhari to reach power; and if that happened we are in trouble, and Buhari's good name would tanshed. Equaly Buhari should change his attitude of keeping silence and letting things to go as the CPC leaders want, he must start calling the so called money bags to order Buhari is for common people but now is not within their reach, those who fight Buhari and his policy are now at the forefront of using Buhari's name to get to power. Our hope is CPC shuold not be another ANPP in the making, about the parties you mention for Buhari to join i prefer LEBOUR party over others.

Anonymous said...

Dr Tilde thank you so much for the courage and the effrontery of telling the truth to General Buhari, Nigerians and the world about what is happening in CPC. I really felt very bad when I learnt that people like Aminu Masari and Yakubu Lado have left PDP for CPC. Knowing their antecedence and quest for materialism, I know that either General Buhari does not know what is happening or something is wrong. The recent stage managed congress has proved that beyond all reasonable doubt. Tilde you could have done more by telling General Buhari to quit politics. The reason is simple; most Nigerians are not serious and very hypocritical; all love Buhari but only few could trust him with power. He will do well to pull the rug under these people's feet. The people that want to cash on his good name to attain power.


It was very terrible here in Kano, we have never in the history of election seen this type of rigging.It has become the topic of discussion in every joint in the whole of Kano state.The entire people of kano are in a state of delima and their hope is dashed by Danzago and Hanga.It has clearly shown the electorates in this country have no where to go and find solace.ALLAH YA SAWAKE! The must be CHANGE in this country.

Anonymous said...

My advice to Buhari is to leave CPC and not to join any party agin. Put someone to contest, let him rest with this Nigerian politics. I think it will be peace to him. Please Buhari, be a leader to the youth. We respect you honorably, we don`t want some people to used with you for their personal interest.

Anonymous said...

The same way his party members squanderred his goodwill for their selfish end in ANPP is now being adopted by CPC and it will follow him to where ever he goes should he decides to act as he did in ANPP-running to another party. He must take charge like a General should and shape CPC in his own image. He can't achieved this by taking refuge in an attitude of passivity and mute indeference to party politics and run away whenever there is trouble. If Buhari can't shape CPC in his own image what guarranty do we have he can bring positive change to today complex Nigeria if voted? He must make CPC a role model of fairness and justice in party politics. Running to another party again will be an indictment of his organizational ability.

ISA AHMED said...

No!!! Aliyu, there is no need for Buhari to take the Hobson’s choice. What he needs to do is to take the bull by the horns while at same time keeping the prospects of the merger with the ACN alive. He needs to stamp his authority now that the BOT is about to meet. Hanga and his ilk should be expelled from the party for causing commotion and pandemonium and be replaced with people who share the same ideals with him.

Sani Minista said...

Haba Dr Tilde, Why are you still far away from reality? You know that Buhari was never a democrat. And may never be. You know that in 2003, it was Alh Ibrahim Little that won the Kano State ANPP Gubernatorial Primaries but Buhari imposed Mallam Shekarau on them. His own presidential ticket in 2003was secured through rigging, thanks to Bafarawa for that. In 2007 the rigging was even more pronounced, courtesy of general IBB who made sure that other aspirants 'withdrew' from the race for him. It seems to me as if the General lacks, adequate managerial skills with little or no problem solving techniques. Anyone that is incapable of managing a small political party (ANPP/CPC) will certainly be the most inappropriate person to manage a large entity like Nigeria.

A. Sani said...

Dr. Tilde,

Thank you for your honest analysis on this unfortunate situation.
Such behavior of trickery, deceit and self destruction by those who live and believe in corruption as their only way to exist, with no decency in anything they do, should not surprise anyone as to how they can go to any length to achieve their barbaric and inhuman acts of destroying anything good to humanity.
What is a surprise though, is how General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) allowed himself to be associated with such individuals or their groups as drivers for change.
It is a well known fact that General Buhari is among the few individuals that earn the respect and support of many Nigerians nationwide and are hoping and praying for him to have the chance in a substantial capacity to help put some of our mess in order. But the recent absurd and callous activities witnessed in CPC's primaries leaves a huge dent on the party's leadership.
A leader must largely take responsibility of the actions and or inactions that gave an outcome. Likewise, a captain must not abandon his ship due to skirmishes among the crew members on a mission.
Therefore, General Buhari, as a leader of CPC must take this as a challenge and a trying times for his leadership capabilities to decisively and swiftly put his house in order, otherwise how can he handle the ever changing dynamics of Nigerian society at large?
I do not find the option for decamping to another party as a viable solution to his ambition as a change agent, (circumcision is only done once). Beside, this will truly portray the General as non problem solver but rather a problem dodger.

Thank you.

ds said...

Thanks to Dr Tilde I think you have adcvice Buhari in the best way now its left for him either to be sure that justice is done in CPC or resign from CPC to another party were justice can be done or completely leave politics.

Anonymous said...

The issue here is even if he leaves CPC for ACN/LP,there stil exist money politics my humble opinion I think rather than been hasty I emplore the BOT to institute a mechanism or a template for resolving these issues amicably as parameter for other states to copy.Either by Using thesame people(BOT) as observers or before assuming respnsibility you should be giving the Holybook to swear.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is the right time for us to wake up from our slumber!!We should not succumb to the pressure exerted by our money bags to continue destroying our preserved reputation of transparency and integrity!! This is the right time for our beloved, trusted and respected General to act!! It is now or never!!!

mannir said...

Dr Tilde,
I strongly support your idea of the general leaving cpc for prp or acn, cos these are ideaologically better parties. In particular Balarabe Musa's leadership of prp will be highly welcome just like the national outlook of the acn with buhari will be very appealing. But I doubt if the general can have that will based on my reading of him. He is conserative and rigid, that will make him think people will start to see him as inconsistent. but changing from falshood to truth as many time as possible is to me being consistent also.
So Gen. pls listen to this honest and logical advice. You can discuss with your suporters in cpc so that you move en masse.

Halliru Abdullahi said...

CPC please don't push us to the wall to the extent that we will loose hope and quit to another party. Don't forget you have been preaching justice for long, and your first step seems to contradict your sayings. Take care.

Anonymous said...

My advice here is to Gen . Buhari direct.If he really wants to be in this business of politics he has to be bold and courageous enough to face these guys,thats the reason why some of us are supporting him today.Let him tell them to their faces that he will not take this. If they cant leave with the rules let them leave or else he should fasten his alliance with ACN that are on ground and ready to tackle any vagabond.
When people say Buhari is honest and good but lacks human relations I used to dislike it, but now I am realising what People are saying.Let him take a stand today let every one knows wher he stands,let them leave if they dont want to follow the right way, infact if Buhari wants to stay with his credibility he should distance himself from these qualsm called ward elections.let him sit down with them and iron things out.Hanga should be put where he belongs along side others likehim and Mohd Abacha should be advic to seek for National Assembly seat not Kano Goveronr's seat.Let the General talk and say the right thing,anybody that wants to leave is free to do so and contest through a party he or she likes

Adanji05 said...

Thank You very much for including me in your mailing list i like all ur articles, I just want to give you a correction about Kebbi State,first the Tanimu People including his Oga state CPC chairman are the complainers because the lost at the Congress. Bar. Kabiru Tanimu (SAN) joined CPC on 4th September, 2010 in my presence his posters anf campaigned materials enter Kebbi on 10th September. He contested in 1999 under APP, in 2003 under UNCP and in 2007 under PDP, and he lack the support of Kebbi although the masses want CPC, Then Abubakar Malam (Shettiman Gwandu) Who won 2007 election under DPP but was denied by Aliero and Justice Bulkachuwa at Appeal Court in Kaduna after Tribunal has cancel the election. Decamp to PDP on 20th October 2008 after they reconciled with his Friends Aliero and Dakin Gari, he declare to contest 2011 under PDP but his supporters were denied membership of PDP by Dakin Gari and PDP Chairman, He decamp to CPC on 2nd OCTOBER 2010.
Ask your source from Kebbi about all this and who has the political control and real masses not area boys in Birnin Kebbi the state capital, they will tell you the truth.
So in Kebbi if CPC thinks they will support those who enter the party first even if they can deliver to them Bismillah. The Difference Between Tanimu and Gari Malam in CPC is just a Month, the first person to bring CPC in Kebbi was Col. Inuwa Bawa former AC Gubernatori Candidate not Tanimu.

Thank You
Rilwanu Abdullah

Anonymous said...

Dr I don't share that idea of yours, for Gen. Buhari to leave CPC. The best that can be done is:
a)to dissolve the party primaries conducted and the Exco so 'selected' in the crisis areas,(which have been done);
b)set a high-powered delegates to be headed by a BOT member;
c)where money-Bags were confirmed to high-jagged the primaries, they should be suspended for at least 24months from any party activities.
Enough is enough from these people who use the intergrity of the get what the want politically.

Aliyu A. S. Yar'adua said...

Allah Ya Gafarta Mallam,
Honestly it has nothing to do with the party, remember it is a mere vehicle, the people is what make the diffrence. The General can change party(ies)but I doubt if the situation will change. The army of opportunists will continue to follow him in order to exploit his popularity with the Nigerian masses.
My humble suggestion is for the General to crefully select people with sound background across the width and breath of this country to reconstitute the nucleus of the party. I am certain this can be achieved not withstanding the time constraint. Rule of law, justice and equity have no alternatives, they must be ensured at all costs before we can think of any progress

Muhammad Mustapha said...

Salam Malam,

Danzago is a great disappointment to so many of us that sees him as an honest and true democrat.

Rufa'i Hanga I'm not suprise rather my suspicion is been confirmed,the two of them will learn their lesson comes April 2011 Insha Allah.

My concern here is what is going round in town that Buhari is on their side or atleast is aware of what they are doing and do nothing, they plotted against the fomer Kano CPC chairman Alh Nasir Muktar and get away with it, now they are at it again WILL BUHARI STOP THEM ? we leave to see.

My advice to the honest Gen. is either to stop them or quit the entire politics with his reputation intact.

Kodus to Engr Buba Galadima (It shall be well with you Insha Allah)

Muhammad Mustapha

Baba Sani Wudil said...


Anonymous said...

i think rufa i hanga is the main threat to this party if he cannot abide by the provition of law governing the party activities he should be forced to leave the party as for gen. i think he should be strong enough to stop this if not then cpc will be a story he should apoint ppl wt gud record to chair this party those that are bad should be told to turn the other way if not they should be expelled because they will nt make him to be the persident rather is the masses that will vote him to power by the grace of Almighty ALLAH

Rabia Husaini Adamu Eshak said...

Yes Dr. Tilde, I have also been nursing the fear that the good intentions of Gen. Buhari will again be used as launching pad for those who are bent on getting to positions of leadership at all cost,for their selfish interest and not for the common good.
I was more apprehensive when I heard of the kind of people who will be joining CPC in my state-the moneybags and politically disaffected members of the ruling party who ruled the state for eight years and have nothing to show for it!By their calculations, they stand a very good chance to influence grassroots politics with their ill-gotten loot-to fight the current leadership.We should never allow such people to ever ride on the goodwill of the general only to dump him after meeting their personal agenda.
True, Buhari should please consider joining ACN, the party of Ideology that does not belong to any single personality,where money has never been the issue, party that has survived in the midst of strong opposition.
Rabia Husaini Adamu Eshak

Anonymous said...

this is a bad news for me o...i have been praying for the victory of CPC because of General there hope for this country again?

babazaks said...

This is the absolute truth, General Buhari is making himself a laughing stock. He is compromising the ideals.

Balogun said...

I am saddened by this report. If it is true ,then we can say another paradise about to be lost. i am a journalist and i discovered during my travels to borno, Niger,Adamawa and Yobe that CPC is the party to beat and the the government of those states are already expecting defeat. to think that this is happening is sad. i will advise Buhari to leave the CPC for Hanga and his money bag friends. ACN is the party he should join. he has a lot of sympathisers in the South and ACN will surely hand him the ticket and Wit Tinubu's political savvy and intelligence,his chance of winning is very bright

magashi said...

I have to say in all honesty when i heard that Hanga is floating a party for the general, i intuitively foresaw the recent happening political abrakadabra around the states. He is going to be used and later be dump up,some of them are not sincerely living with him or for the betterment of this country. I have to tell you that i am from kano and the national chairman cannot win an election even in his own local govt. Therefore this is an opportunity for him to be a CPC governorship candidate, so that he would ride over a slogan popularly known as "SAK". General you have to think twice living in this party were ever you are we are with you. This people wallahi they political bandits so beware General.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very Dr for this timely write-up. I salute your courage and effrontry to tell the General the whole truth. However, I beg to disagree with your solutions and especially the reasons for the solutions. First of all, you should understand that the party is just a means to achieve an end - political power. And believe me wherever Buhari goes alot of people will also go there - the good, the bad and the ugly. The whole cycle of praising him, using him to win elections and dumping him will repeat itself. Therefore one of the solutions is not to run away to find a 'safe' party. Nothing like that exist. It is to remain here 'and salvage'(sounds familiar) the one he has nurtured to reckoning. Afterall who is Hanga?
The second issue is that many commentators here believe that the money-bags are the problem. I make bold to say NO. They are not the problem. The problem is that a process is allowed to be subverted by people entrusted to protect it. There is therefore a second side to the coin. People gave money, people accepted the money. Or people connive to conduct elections at odd times and soon and soon. The issue is therefore that of deliberately subverting a process.
How can you win an election if you send all the rich men away. The solution is to critically look at the issue and see who subverted the process (both the money bag that gave and the 'massess/ that collected) and mete severe punishments on them (such as banning them from the party) so that it serves as a deterrant to anybody that wants to use the same mechanism.
Running away is not the solution, because he will meet the same issues whereever he goes. Denying membership to somebody because he has money, or because he left an evil party is not the solution, because people only subvert a process when loopholes are allowed and I believe the General knos this more than many of us, Tilde inclusive. The solution therefore lies in identifying the due process of doing things and following that to the latter, no matter is involved.
Dan Masani

Ibrahim Abdullahi said...

That is why am very much like write ups of Dr. Tilde because of his boldness to tell better truth unto whoever, no matter how powerful position.

On the issue of CPC, let me begin by Hausa popular saying "karya fure take ba ta 'ya'ya". Many patriotic people in this country, for long, have been complaining about attitude of General Buhari. Though he is good, no doubt about this, but he so much believe in people. He tends to believe in whoever even if that very person is well known on bad morality. This is unfortunate. Many bad egg disguise under Buhari's popularity to achieve personal interest. Many of those so-called Buhari loyalists are nothing but dubious people. Unfortunately for the General, he seems not to take heed! If he is not careful, wallahi this people will damage his reputation, because it is alleged that he is well acquaintance with the actions of those bad eggs. Therefore, to me, the issue is not the issue of leaving CPC to any party. Whatever party he joins, in as much as those dubious people are with him, wallahi nothing will change. They will again do the same thing! The only way out is for the General to become brave enough and fire out these opportunists surrounding him all the times! That is all!

kasimgumel said...

This is quite disappointing and disheartening to any sincere and honest advocate of Buhari's Presidential bid. My honest advice is that Buhari shouldn't quit but take this problem seriously and deal with it decisively without fear of anything. Let him do justice to all well meaning Nigerians because there are millions of people in and outside the country that support him. He ( together with Party BOT) really needs to call Senator Hanga to order and CPC BOT shall, as a matter of urgency, sort all the irregularities that transpired in a just manner. The ability of Buhari to solve this problem will pave him a way of having more supporters from all nooks and corners of the country as this is a real similitude of Nigerian situation. My eventual advice to Buhari and the CPC BOT is that they should adhere to the truth and whatever honest decision they take God, the Almighty, is with them and will fulfil their ambition by been real advocates of honesty and justice. May God help us!

Ilu Kademi said...

If this analysis comes from someone other than you, Tilde, I would have a serious doubt as a dubious observation. But as you right put it, Gen. Buhari has no other choice but stand strong against those users for our country sake. It is rather shameful to misuse Buhari's qualities for political gain. Not this time again.

Anonymous said...

Gen should leave cpc for ACN it will him a better chance of winning the election come 2011

Anonymous said...

Buhari should not leave the CPC as this will signify a failure on his part.He told the whole world several times that CPC was his brainchild as such he would nurture the party according to his avowed philosophy and principles.After saying all these, if he now admit that the party has gone haywire and he is leaving because he cannot cope, it means failure.By implication, he would not be able to address the more complex and complicated multifated problems of Nigeria.I strongly feel that Buhari is capable of addressing Nigeria's pproblems.The right thing is for Buhari to bring his authority to bear to address the anomalies of the CPC congresses to clean the party, then afterwards form alliances with other parties to enhance the stregth of the party and the chances of forming the next government in Nigeria, by the grace of God.

Muhammad Nasiruddeen said...

This has been predicted to happen afterall ( kowane tsuntsu kukan gidansu yake yi ). The gullible General has consistently been manupulated by some people for their selfish gain. Shagari's coup, His entry into politics led by the likes of Kanti Bello, Exit from the ANPP instigated by the likes of Buba Galadima, Rufa'i Hanga, Haruna Zago, Haj. Naja'atu, Sule Hamma, Dr. Kurfi is not in the interest of the development of Nigeria's democracy but selfish reasons. Now the have only succeeded in further fragmenting the opposition. SO JUMPING THE BOAT MAY NOT BE THE BEST OPTION NOW. LET CPC,APGA,ACN AND ANPP ( they have common ancestry) COME AND FUSE INTO A FORMIDABLE PARTY AND SLUG IT OUT WITH THE PDP.

Alh Ishak said...

Haba Dr. Tilde, how can you advice the General to quite CPC, me think he set up the Party, next we shall hear you advising him to check out Naija just like Andrew. Nooo please, we shall remain in both to salvage them together.


kabiru said...

Assalamu alaykum, Dr. Tilde. I agree wholly with your analysis of what has been happening in the CPC and also feel your fears are justified, not just about the national chairman and Kano chairman, who incidentally, has just been removed. In fact we held a meeting of all Governorship aspirants and Buhari CPC Presidential congress representatives with the new protem chairman, Engineer Bashir Karaye, formerly deputy chairman in the Ahmadu Haruna Danzago leadership of the Party in Kano. I equally agree it would help our General more if we fuse with the ACN, because up north our people could more easily be told to shift to another party than down south, on ewe use the radio which is a permanent companion for all northerners, and thanks to mass Chinese technology it is readily available cheaply too.
But completely leaving the CPC to some charlatans is not realistic, because it is not their party. It is actually the General's. He was involved with its formation from scratch. This we all know! So he can't run away from it. He may agree to merge or ally or whatever with other parties. In fact he formed the Party due to his and our fears of what happened to him and us in ANPP. Senator Rufai Hanga is merely a tool used to form it serving as protem chairman. There is nothing wrong with Senator Rufai aspiring to be Governor of Kanos so long as he'd do so within the rules, in my opinion; even though as a brother in law to Danzago he used him to frustrate the growth of the party and tried to truncate the ward congresses i Kano last Saturday. And I write as one of those aspiring to also be Governor on the CPC, or more appropriately Buhari, platform.
What however worries me and the teeming majority of those who flocked to CPC on its formation is the outrageous fees charged by the Party for elective positions. That is the beginning of the problems of the party, in my view. Because it fails to make a difference in its approach to politics. It is an Aminu Kano type party that ought to only charge aspirants for administrative costs if at all it has to so charge. PRP in the second republic never charged fees for those aspiring to government posts. That is why it was a truly mass based party. The CPC should borrow a leaf from the PRP of the past. Then our people would more readily flock and work to promote and protect their interests knowing that it is their party. The "a kasa, a tsare, a raka a kidaya" slogan would be more truthfully realistic and adhered to. If not it would be the Bauchi experience all over again. Or else a government held hostage to "Investors" who pay into the pool of aspirants they feel have the potential. This should not be so. Not in the People's General's Party. The General must prove he is different, our party is different; and that he, we mean what we say. Always.
Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo
CPC Governorship Aspirant Kano
15-12-2010/ 9th Muharram 1432, Wednesday

kabiru said...

Assalamu alaykum, Dr. Tilde. I agree wholly with your analysis of what has been happening in the CPC and also feel your fears are justified, not just about the national chairman and Kano chairman, who incidentally, has just been removed.
What further worries me and the teeming majority of those who flocked to CPC on its formation is the outrageous fees charged by the Party for elective positions. That is the beginning of the problems of the party, in my view. Because it fails to make a difference in its approach to politics. It is an Aminu Kano type party that ought to only charge aspirants for administrative costs if at all it has to so charge. PRP in the second republic never charged fees for those aspiring to government posts. That is why it was a truly mass based party. The CPC should borrow a leaf from the PRP of the past. Then our people would more readily flock and work to promote and protect their interests knowing that it is their party. The "a kasa, a tsare, a raka a kidaya" slogan would be more truthfully realistic and adhered to. If not it would be the Bauchi experience all over again. Or else a government held hostage to "Investors" who pay into the pool of aspirants they feel have the potential. This should not be so. Not in the People's General's Party. The General must prove he is different, our party is different; and that he, we mean what we say. Always.
Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo
CPC Governorship Aspirant Kano
15-12-2010/ 9th Muharram 1432, Wednesday

Nura Bature, From Abuja said...

Buhari should leave CPC for ACN becouse ACN are the only serious opposition in the country. how i wish we will have A BUHARI/TINUBU ticket in the ACN come 2011 election surely they will be unstoppable.

Mrs. Hauwa A. Mohammed said...

What happened in Kano last saturday was terrible! As a card carrying member, I was about to go and vote but was told it's been concluded and that was at about 11am! I'd have suggested that the General should set up a reconciliation committee to meet our guber candidates, but after hearing Sen. Rufa'i Hanga's ungentlemanly comment on Engr. Buba Galadima's right actions, I think the General and us all is supporters are better off in ACN, hopefully, they will show respect to him.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. Buhari should just go for the ACN and most people that were with the CPC is because of Buhari. Please just leave the CPC for the ACN immediately so as to make an impact in that party.

Anonymous said...

Dr welldone .Not only the caretaker committee members collect money even the masses are ready and eager to collect something for their votes .Time is running out Buhari should be awake.
i wish this your article can be read and understood by the majority of the educated, elites etc from the affected states, because not many care to go through the internet.

please your article can be a front burner in the dialies.

best of luck


Buhari has the integrity wares to market and he can not market it if he keeps running.Just like Musa Alyhillsalam even when he run away he will still come back.Therefore,I suggest that he remains in CPC and continue to dissolve and purge all bad eggs until they understand what he means by zero-corruption,fairness discipline and Integrity.If this is the only thing he can achieve let so be written in the annals of History.

Anonymous said...

I concur to what Dr Tilde suggested. May Allah save Nigeria!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an indictment of the political class, and I would we dump the lot in the ocean.
I think the Gen should pitch his camp with the A C for now.
Thank the good lord for Tilde.

Anonymous said...

This is an indictment of the political class, and I would we dump the lot in the ocean.
I think the Gen should pitch his camp with the A C for now.
Thank the good lord for Tilde.

Shuaib said...

Recently I heard one politically coined phrase in Kano " In baka Hanga sai dai ka hanga ". Trust Kanawa when it comes to rhetorics, but do not give us an entire trust when it comes to matter of absolute trust.

I think this is what Buhari has felt to understand with kano politics. People like Hanga, Danzago and co. are basically mealy-mouthed politicians or simply political harlot opportunist cums. And if care is not taken, they will strife Butari naked of his integrity in Nigeria in general, and Kano, his political best base in Nigeria in particular.

Many a times people say Buhari is not a political material and hence can not cope up with the manoeuvering inside Nigerian politics going by his antecedent as a good muslim, Fulani man and displinarian military elite. I always argue " yes in Nigerian politics. But he is there to correct the wrongs, and he must start somewhere. He is by now gathering momentum in learning the political process " Nigerian context" and I hope soon he will begin to outsmart political parasites like Hanga, Danzago, Buba Galadima etc.

Gachi said...

I have mentioned this several times on facebook. General Buhari will be doing us a great disservice if he allows crooks to ride to power on his reputation.

Should he allow his reputation to be soiled during this political dispensation, it will be what people will remember him for, and all his previous good work will be eclipsed by this


Danzago,Hanga etc are clinging to GB Credibility,because they dont have any !It was Danzago and Hanga that fueled the disputes btw HE(GB) and shekarau ALLAH ba azzallumin sarki bane !before this 2nd phase of our nascent democaracy !they are going to reap what they sow !My advice to the great General,he shouldnt leave CPC because of the duo,but deal with them so that it will be a lesson for others !They said a general is always a General, and believe me, My GENERAL TOO is not an exception !May ALLAH give you this second opportunity to LEAD US AGAIN AMIN!!