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Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Foreign Policy Disaster Just Happened to Nigeria

Why Did Nigeria Abstain From Security Council Vote Condemning 1995 Srebenica Massacre in Bosnia As Genocide?
Is Buhari Awake kuwa or Are Jonathan Diplomats still in charge? Can he or someone hear this scandal? Is the Nigerian Representative on the SC representing this regime or Jonathan?
This is a foreign policy disaster. Is it a demonstration of what the President meant when he said, few days ago, that he will continue with Jonathan's foreign policy in order to keep investors?
It will be recalled that in 1995 over 8000 Muslim Bosnians were massacred in Srebenica by Serb militia. Britain and the West sponsored today's bill condemning the action as genocide. Russia vetoed it because it is behind the Serbian aggressors. Nigeria was among the three countries in the SC that abstained. Shame!
Do we have a communist, present or ex, on this threat that prefers to see no fault in Russia even when it concerns genocide? Does the culpability of US and Britain in the Arab-Isreali conflict exenorate Russia and its age long backing of Milosovic and his genocide generals and gang leaders during the Bosnia conflict? Does it prevent Nigeria from supporting what is right even if tabled by the West? A vote against a genocide wherever it is committed on earth speaks volume of the policy direction of a nation even if it will be vetoed.
What is happening is a hangover from the anti - Muslim policies of Jonathan administration. If it happens under Buhari it is our right to call his attention and demand for appropriate action. That is the best assistance we can offer him, not hide behind the excuse that he is new on the job.
Whoever is our representative in the UN must be called to order. He must abandon the anti-Muslim stand of the past administration. Nigeria's foreign policy all along before Jonathan has been against oppression of whatever kind, in and outside Africa and regardless of the people it affects. That's why it's been supporting the Palestinian cause until the pro-zionist regime of Jonathan took over. For any diplomat to continue with that shameless bias under Buhari leaves everything to be desired. Buhari must correct this. It's dawn now.
Assalaaaaatuuuu khairun minan nawm!

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