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Thursday, January 18, 2018

NGOs and Boko Haram in Borno

I just finished reading on WhatsApp a piece accusing NGOs in Borno State for engaging in actions that sustain Boko Haram crisis for their personal benefits.
The article however did not mention any of such actions or provided evidence to prove the accusation. One may be tempted to dismiss it as baseless.
However, there are things that citizens may observe, especially trends, which are evident to them but due to a number of impediments they cannot put them concretely on paper. Moreover, the anticipation of the legal battles that will ensue may be sufficient to daunt the pen of the complainant, for no organization will allow its name to be washed away in the drain without fighting a battle to rescue it. I was not surprised to read an anonymous name at the end of the article - "Sultan".
But the citizen's platform is here - the social media. Can we start discussing the issue - with evidence - even without mentioning names? I think this will help to guide individuals and organizations that may be willing to take up the matter.
Of course, NGOs need crises to survive because crises provide them with both legitimacy and the necessary funds to survive. So, logically, the longer is the crisis, the merrier. Again, where survival is involved, humanity is often relegated, forgotten or even abused. It reaches a tipping point when the organizations are no longer humanitarian but bi-headed leeches that suck the blood of donors and victims alike.
NGO 101 Exam Question:
Has Borno reached that threshold where the animal in the NGOs that operate in the state has overridden the humanity in their activities?
Discuss with relevant facts. (compulsory, 100 marks).
Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde
6 July, 2017

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