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Thursday, January 18, 2018

PMB, Thank You For the Peace

Despite my daily work as a critic of government - past and present...
Despite the many challenges that the President is facing with his programs, projects and even many of his team members...
And despite the problems of recession, devaluation and many other -sions and -tions...
This morning it occurred to me, as I set to take my favorite breakfast of plantain, to thank Mr. President for the prevailing peace in the Northeast. That's the main reason we supported him against Jonathan.
We hope he will keep listening to, and do something positive about, our daily criticisms of things we see wrong with his administration. That has been our duty, which he too enjoyed reading in the past. He must be patient to swallow them now.
Let him remember that Boko Haram will not be on the agenda of 2019 elections. And he will not be challenged by Jonathan then. It is his failure or achievement that will determine it.
Before then, at least, I have the assurance that I will continue to enjoy my meals in my garden, peacefully, without the fear that BH is about to take over my home.
Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

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