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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Arrest Hate Preachers Like Oyedepo and Johnson Suleiman Now

Arrest Hate Preachers Like Oyedepo and Johnson Suleiman Now
The bravado of some Pentecostal preachers is getting out of hand and must be considered a national security concern.
What is the NSA, Police and DSS doing about hate and crime instigating preachers like Oyedepo and Johnson Suleiman?
In 2010, I watched Pastor Bakari, Buhari's running mate, telling his congregation that wherever you find a Muslim, there will be desert - and yet Buhari found him a befitting running mate!
Two weeks ago, it was Oyedepo calling Southern Kaduna Christians to take up arms in a video. Today, it is one 'Apostle' Johnson Suleiman asking his followers to kill Fulani herdsmen. So they just find an innocent Nigerian rearing cattle and kill him?
By God, Jesus, the Son of Virgin Mary, may the peace of God be on him, has nothing to do with these filthy war mongers who claim to be his apostles. Tir!
A video of this apostate (not Apostle) is circulating where he is publicly asking his followers to kill any Fulani herdsman they have seen. "KILL HIM, KILL HIM, I SAY", just because of a cooked story that some people have informed him that Fulani herdsmen will kill him. What a rascal! Where is the world other than southern Nigeria will anyone say this and go free?
I went through his biography that is published in the link below. The illiterate is claiming to be anointed by God. I pity those that were listening to him and nodding. Ask him to show you a the 210 Christians killed by herdsmen and the idiot will say he read about it. So profoundly stupid. This kind of people are making our youths hate God and reject him totally. How can a man of God be so bloodthirsty? Is he different from BH?
Later, he could not hide his anger at the reality that a Fulani, a northerner, is in power. That is all. See the bad losers. People that were used to looting our coffers during Jonathan and now angry that the largesse is over. Hug the transformer, Mr Preacher. A northerner is in power. Haba!
When will these kind of southerners learn simple etiquettes of citizenship? They feel abusing northerners is their birthright. They always dream of a day that a war will break out between Muslim and Christians in the North. They wanted Christians to fight Muslims on OIC, Shariah, Boko Haram, just on every occasion of misunderstanding or unrest. They failed.
Now they have been calling to take up arms against Muslims because of some mysterious herdsmen. God forbid. They will never see it. Northerners - Muslims and Christians - are no fools. We can have our difficult times but we don't need a foolish pastor or journalist to tell us when to go to war against one another while the fraudster smiles at his bank manager every Monday in far away Edo or Lagos.
The question is: When will these hate preachers be served from the menu of justice in Nigeria? Are they above the law? How can a citizen so brazenly threaten our national security and be left to go home free? Who is he?
NSA, Police and DSS answer me, please.

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